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Double Header

Workout Date:





Quaker, Redcoat (Bombsquad only) , Rubber, Skidmark (Pit Stop only)

The Thang:

Conditions: Mid Fifties degrees F, damp, and timing: in between major rainy downpours.  So, I must admit, I knew I had an upcoming Q at Bombsquad but had read the Q sheet incorrectly and mistakenly thought I had Monday Q rather than Sat. Q.  When I saw that Papa Smurf had over committed himself and needed a Sub, I waited to see who would jump.  No one did.  Then Kitten blasted out, by text since he it twitter less, that a Q was still needed, I jumped. One Call quickly pointed out that I was Q at bombsquad, and there you have it, Double Header.  So be It!  I did send out a couple of texts myself to recruit some company so as to not be alone.  On Friday Night I played out a couple changes as the weather was not looking good for the Gloom.

I arrived second to Redcoat who was eager for the beatdown as he had been out IR for a couple of weeks.  Quaker soon followed and Rubber rounded out the foursome (prior nights guilt trip text worked).

1 min warning, 30 sec warning




IW 20 IC
Windmills 15 IC

22 merkins OYO
Tempo squats 20 IC
LBAC Forward 15 IC
LBAC reverse 15 IC

Mosey to coupon pile and each PAX grabbed a coupon and moseyed to the front entrance overhang of the church where the coupons were placed for later.

While the rain was still at bay, I wanted to get some beat down w/o cover.

Burpee Mile- each PAX performs 12 burps followed by mosey 1 full lap around the AO (1/4 mile, Flyover swears .31 miles), rinse and repeat x3 totaling 48 burpees and just over 1 mile mosey.

The night prior I had been talking/demoing to bro about Bring Sally Up Push up Challenge and completed 2/3 of song so I  decided to really push it at the beatdown with the PAX to hold me accountable.

Bring Sally UP Merkin Challenge- when song says DOWN, PAX lowers into low plank position, upon UP, PAX perform merkin up position.  I quit with 3 sec to go, had I only known the song at end.

As the rain was spitting we took cover to keep dry.

Flora 1,2,3 (non partnered, modified) PAX could do reps in any order/combination
100 flutter kicks (4 count) with coupon over head
200 LBCs w/o coupon
300 Goblet squats while holding coupon.

Colt 45 with coupon- PAX perform 15 1/2 curls, 15 other half curls, and 15 full curls

While holding coupons PAX performed more Upper body resistance exercises IC

Over Head Press 20 IC

Tricep Extensions 20 IC

Bent over Rows 20 IC

Rinse and repeat 10 reps IC.

PAX returned coupons to the pile and moseyed back to shovel flag.


To avoid getting more wet- SSH 40 IC


Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama

Announcements and Prayer requests followed by prayer by YHC.

Rubber and Quaker agreed to complete Double Header at Pit Stop so we headed off to Pit Stop while grabbing 1/2 cup coffee at Tire Town, courtesy of Rubber on way.  We arrived at Pit Stop and there were quite a number of guys milling around the parking lot as the rain had slowed. We were fined by Skidmark and attempted to get some resident takers for the beatdown but none were feeling it this day.

The four of us circled up for COP (not feeling creative)



IW 20 IC
Windmills 15 IC

22 merkins OYO
Tempo squats 20 IC
LBAC Forward 15 IC
LBAC reverse 15 IC

With some benches present, 11’s came to mind

11’s Derkins/Dips – Pax performed 10 Derkins followed by 1 Dip totaling 11 reps, 9 Derkins/2 Dips, etc…, 1 Derkin/10 Dips.

Four Corners up/down escalator. (the rain was coming down now with no cover to be had except the smoking gazebo and we all felt the rain was better than the second hand smoke)

(UP escalator) Corner 1- 5 Jump Squats; Corner 2- 5 J.S., 10 Merkins; Corner 3- 5 J.S., 10 Merkins, 15 BBSU; Corner 4 – 5, 10, 15, 20 Mountain Climbers;

(DOWN escalator) reverse the prior.

Mosey two laps around parking lot

Pax Choice -choose method of travel around parking lot with exercise and reps at each corner.

Methods of movement included but not limited to: Mosey, bear crawl, crab walk, lunges, toy soldiers, Karaoke, etc..

Exercises ranged from BBSU, Flutters, Merkin Mania, burps, etc.

We completed until Time


Prayer led by Rubber.

A couple of the men spoke to us as we were preparing to leave and said they would like to participate next week so….count on them to be there!

Rubber and I got a little 2nd F in at Huddle House and both made puddles in the seat.  ALL GOT BETTER!





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