Down South Jukin

Down South Jukin

Workout Date:



Brown Bag


Headgear, Progresso, Papa Smurf (R), Methane, Elmer Fudd, Softshell, Mater, Brown Bag QIC

The Thang:

31* Perfect


YHC posted at Blackbeard for the 1st time last month and immediately looked for the opportunity to Q. Pulled up the Q-sheet, saw an opening, and boom, today is the day!


Put out the clowncar invitation to the reinvigorated sheildlock but the timing didn’t work for anyone. Then YHC was texting about super important stuff with Headgear and threw out, “Wanna go to Blackbeard tomorrow?” and immediately received, “Sure!”. So there you have it, Nant’an and Weaselshaker are heading to Blackbeard. Told Headgear pickup was at 0505 and Brown Bag was actually early!!!


Arrived at Blackbeard at about 0515 and sat in the car as Papa Smurf was walking the grounds getting all the lights turned on. We popped outta the car a few minutes later and YHC went on a little Mosey to both keep warm and to survey the AO. Got back to announce the one-minute warning.


At 0530 the proper disclaimer was proclaimed and the beatdown went like this:


25 Butt-Kicks IC

25 High-Knees IC


20 IW IC


20 HillBillies IC

25 TempoSquat IC


15 LBAC in reverse IC

15 Cherry Pickers IC

15 AirPress holding Squat IC




Ended up at the pavilion for


25 Dips OYO

25 Step-ups OYO

25 Mountain Climbers OYO


25 Dips OYO

25 Step-ups OYO

25 Mountain Climbers OYO


25 Dips OYO

25 Step-ups OYO

25 Mountain Climbers OYO




Ended up on the basketball court for some get-to-know-your-brother Dora. Each PAX paired up with another PAX that they didn’t know too well. The goal was to learn their hospital name, about their family, their occupation, and whatever else came up.


50 PlankJacks – Tin Soldier down and Mosey Back

100 JumpSquats – Tin Soldier down and Mosey Back

150 SSH – Tin Soldier down and Mosey Back


YHC’s partner was Methane. Wife is Krystal, 3 kids; 21 yr old daughter and 13 yr old twin boys, from Anderson, SC, works for Santee Cooper, found F3 on his own. Michael Neese is the hospital name.


11 BurpJacks OYO


Mosey’d back to the flag.




Count-o-rama 8






20 Workouts in 28 Days

EH an FNG – 1 per month



Methane’s wife Krystal medical procedure

HoeDown’s family



YHC prayed us out.


F3 is special! Take the time to get to know your fellow PAX, hit different AOs, sign-up to Q, get better!

Headgear – Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch

Methane – works for Santee Cooper

Emer Fudd – Commercial Contractor

Softshell – owns and operates Grilled Cheese & Crab Cake Co

Mater – runs Georgetown Auto Sales

Brown Bag – Residential Real Estate w/ RE/MAX Southern Shores

(Papa Smurf and Progresso missed the Dora as they were rucking on their own)


Take notice. No Cheezy Biscuit. YHC let him know that he will pay for missing my Q. HaHaHa!!!


Honor to Lead!

Brown Bag


Over and out

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