Workout Date:





BeefSteak, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: Perfect

Got a text from Candy Cane last night wanting to know if I was in for the Saturday Morning Pre-run from BombSquad. . . Answer: Yes!

Do you want to go long? Answer: Yes. . . 8 miles maybe more?

The call then went out over Slack that we would be meeting at 4:45 (as usual) and would be back at the AO for Sir Rousey’s Beatdown.

BeefSteak gave a Soft Commit. 

Typically, we have been getting 3-5 runners the past few weeks. The numbers have fluctuated from week to week due to minor injuries, sickness, and vacations. The usual crew consists of Candy Cane, ERC, Drifter, Beef Steak, Headgear, & YHC

There wasn’t a lot of chatter on Slack, so I figured it may just be me setting the pace for Candy Cane (HaHa) but when I arrived right at 4:45, the only Pax in the lot was BeefSteak. We waited a minute, maybe 2 for Candy Cane (I later saw an early morning text that Candy Cane was not feeling well would miss our pre-run).  We made an executive decision to begin without Candy Cane, after all he could easy catch up even if we were miles ahead.

4:47 – No minute warning . . . Let’s Go!!

Because we were starting late (2 minutes), BeefSteak suggested that we only run 7 miles today. This proved to be a perfect modifier.  No complaints from YHC.

Note: YHC forgot his legendary Fanny Pack and Forearm band, so we would need to rely on BeefSteak’s playlist!! (I don’t think I heard one AC/DC or Van Halen song during the entire run!!)

Because YHC did not have his music I thought I would memorialize the Pre-Run BackBlast by writing a song or more precisely, change the lyrics to a song (ala Weird Al Yankovic)

Here is the Original Version of the Song

Now listen to the instrumental version & put it to my lyrics.

Drop Dead Legs. . . Runnin’ Miles

Hurt my Heals . . .Drives me Wild

Dig that Scene . . . Ain’t no Rut

Makes it Seem . . . Like nothing but  . . .

Sweats all over you!

And Nothing Else could Ever Do!


You know that you want it!

You know what you need,

You know that you want it, Maybe

When the Gloom is Through, I’ll Still be Running, too!

Dig those Hills . . .Calves on Fire

Set me Loose . . . Take it Higher

Down that Slope . . . Loop de Loop

Bright white Sneaks . . . Fly the Coop!

Keep It Cool, Breathing Heavy

I Ain’t No Fool, I’m Run Ready!


You know that you want it!

The Need is for Speed,

You know that you want it, Maybe

When the Gloom is Through, you’ll Still be Running, too!

5:57 – Time Called

The Numbers: 7.5 Miles; 8:57 pace

Announcements: Read Rousey’s BackBlast