Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck

Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck

Workout Date:





Kiwi (Respect), Flop, Penelope, Lug Nut, O’Douls, Texas Range, Pikachu

The Thang:

QIC arrived early and I was actually the first one in the parking lot. Only because Rousey wasn’t going to be there. But hey I’ll take it. Kiwi (Respect) was second to arrive and the remaining PAX showed up almost all at once. And of course Penelope on two wheel as usual. Though I needed to jump out of the way for a minute.

I had a #Catapult Friendly core workout planned and even practiced it on Sunday to get ready for today.  Well, thank you Texas Ranger for changing my plans, add three workouts in one week (now four) is more than enough.  My first time at BombSquad was Wednesday and well, I was sore all day, so I had to come up with plan b as I don’t want or need another herniated disk . Wednesday night was a minor plan change to an upper body and low impact lower body workout. I practiced my counting as (One Call) told me I needed to do better on. So I felt good and was ready to go. Ok PAX is all here look like it’s time to get going

One Minute warning @ 5:29

Disclaimer @ 5:30


20 SSH IC, 15 Seal Jacks IC, 20 IW IC, 80 Batwings IC (20 EA LBACF, LBACR, OHC, Seal Clap) Crowd favorite, 20 Hairy Rockets IC, 20 The Chinook IC.

Workout Begins

Pax move to the front corner of the parking lot. Circle up and time for a modified F*** F*** Goose. I didn’t make the name up. Modifier is PAX holds Al Gore (exercise will change) while each PAX member takes turn with a mosey around the outside of the PAX circle, no goose to give chase. Ok, everyone has gone and first round was too easy. Time to step it up a bit.

Walk back to shovel flag, wait what shovel flag, Wave of Merkins. PAX takes turn counting each merkin until we hit 20 and we as a PAX do the last two merkins on my down. Honor the 22 veterans who commit suicide every day.

One Minute of Rocky Balboa on curb on my go.

Mosey to back left corner, circle up Modified FF Goose, LBACF and mosey the circle X2. Not consecutive circles. One circle, exercise, second circle exercise until all PAX has gone twice.

Wave of Merkins (See Above)

One Minute of Rocky Balboa (See Above)

Walk to entrance of Student Center, circle up Modified FF Goose, LBACR and Bear Crawl around the circle. 5 minutes of LBACR. Crowd Fav.

Choice of Lunges, Imperial Squat Walkers, Toy Soilders or Bear Crawl for the ambitious to the back corner near fields.

Circle up Modified FF Goose, The Chinook forward and reverse,  Bear Crawl or mosey around the circle. X2. Hold on, 10 Chinook IC to finish.

Walk to middle of driveway, Wave or Merkins and One Minute of Rocky Balboa.

Choice of Lunges, Imperial Squat Walkers, Toy Soilders or Bear Crawl for the ambitious to the front drive isle corner

Circle up Modified FF Goose and Chinook Squats, and Bear Crawl or mosey circle

Hold circle, add Carolina Dry Docks and Bear Crawl or mosey circle thank you flop for the suggestion.

Mosey to the concession stand, 10 London Bridge against concession.

Mosey back to the beginning of our imaginary shovel flag.

Circle up and finish #Catapult style with stretching. Arm stretches thanks to flop. Then PAX choice. O’douls left and right leg 10 count, Kiwi (respect) through the tunnel 10 count, Texas Ranger sweet quad stretching, Penelope American Hammers and Big Boy, 30 seconds, Flop Hold Plank inch worm plank and wide plank. Time!

Count time

Names time

Announcements, the Murph at the Village and Bomb Squad. I’m sure I’m missing something here. Still learning.

Prayers Kiwis daughter is headed to Russia on the 30th of May, please let’s all lift Mary up in our prayers.

It was great to see Lug Nut staying strong with the group and the group growing little by little.  Thanks Texas Ranger, Penelope for your continued support of this group and Rousey and Flop for being the lead of this AO.

COT, Mary and Unspoken. Thanks Men for entrusting me to lead today.
















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