Dude! Where’s My Q

Dude! Where’s My Q

Workout Date:





Kitten, Sunshine, Buffett, Crankbait, Varsity, Mudslide, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

QIC arrived at the AO anxious to see how many PAX would post on this cool morning in the Gloom. To my surprise there was no one in the lot! But before I could park, Sunshine and Mudslide arrived. . .then Crankbait and Kitten rolled in. Everyone was taking a few extra minutes to exit the warmth of our cars. Finally I broke the ice and we began the greetings and circling up. Buffett entered the circle with his Hoody drawn down tight, but where was our Q, Chewy?? We all knew Chewy was still nursing a shoulder injury  &was on IR, so I threw out a 20 second offer for someone to step up and Q.  . . It was a long 20 seconds . . . I took the Honors.  As we began Varsity came in hot!

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 45-ish, dry

1 Minute Warning

Proper Disclaimer


25 SSH IC; 20 Windmills IC; 15 TTT IC; 22 Merkins OYO; 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 20 Flutterkicks IC; 20 Little Baby Arm Circle IC; 20 LBAC Reverse IC;  15 Three Count Cherry Pickers IC

Indian Run to large parking lot , through the baseball field gate, and back to the large lot.


Burpee Shuffle across the lot

Ric Flare Shuffle back to the start

3-2-1 AROD  .. .PAX paired up for 300 Squats, 200 Big Boy Sit-ups, 100 Merkins . . . As Partner #1 does the exercise, Partner #2 back pedals the length of the parking lot and back to the start. Flip – flop and continue until all 3 exercises are completed.

Mosey to the back lot for Red Barchetta –

25 yard sprint- 25 Merkins – sprint back to the start;

50 yard sprint – 50 Mountain Climbers – sprint back to the start;

75 yard sprint – 75 SSH – sprint back to the start;

100 yard sprint – 100 Four Count Flutterkicks – mosey to Shovel Flag (Buffett exit stage left)

Mary Around the Horn – – 20 Floyd Merriweather IC (Sunshine); 20 Box Cutters IC (Crankbait); 15 Heals to Heaven IC (Mudslide); Hurricane Hoe Downs IC (Varsity); 15 American Hammers IC (Kitten); 15 Bicycle Crunches IC (Quaker)

Time Called




Announcements: The Village AO kicks-off  11/7/17  . . . . Fill up the Q-sheet!!!



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