Easy Peazy, One Two Threezy

Easy Peazy, One Two Threezy

Workout Date:



1st Base


O'Douls, Tandem, ERC, Judge Judy

The Thang:

Conditions: 40s, scattered clouds, just off of a full moon

Killington came up lame after jailbreaks at BombSquad yesterday, so YHC got the call as a substitute. Decided to do a block heavy Q as that is what Killington said he had been planning prior to realizing he was on the IL, and figured I would try and keep it simple. YHC and Judge Judy got in a preruck prior…

One Minute Warning

Welcome, Disclaimer, Mission Statement


15 Hairy Rockettes

15 Tempo Squats

10 Willie Mays Hayes

15 Thru The Tunnels

15 Windmills

15 Imperial Walkers

Bat Wings

21s (21 SSHs with the first five being in called cadence and the last sixteen being a silent count. PAX are supposed to stop at same time, or face penalty. Test failed, five burpees were done as a punishment)

Mosey lap around the perimeter and out to the coupon were PAX were instructed to grab a block of their choosing and bring it to the Big Lot.

The Thang

Lining on one side of the parking lot, PAX are to carry the coupon to the other side and do a prescribed exercise at each line. Simple enough, right?

First trip across, alternating between five overhead presses and five block squats at each line.

First trip back, alternating between four curls and four triceps

Second trip across, alternating between arms for three lawnmowers.

Second trip back, alternating between 2 block swings and 2 thrusters

Last trip across, the not a burpee, one push up at each line.

Returned the coupons and circle up for some PAX Choice Mary

20 Outlaws (YHC)

15 LBCs (O’Douls)

15 Flutter Kicks (Tandem)

15 Heels To Heaven (ERC)

10 Freddie Mercuries (Judge Judy)





F3 Charleston’s 10 year is this Saturday on the USS Yorktown at 7 AM.

March 23rd, F3 Night at Black Dog Running from 6-730. Beer, appetizers, gait assessment, expert fitting, discounted prices

March 28th, AOQ handoff at Catapult.

YHC prayed us out. Honored to lead.