Eenie Meenie Miney Q

Eenie Meenie Miney Q

Workout Date:



Cubby, Hefty


Cubby, Hefty

The Thang:

0629—rolling in hot, but when once at the Launchpad, not a car in sight…which can be surprising after a Friday night given the location.

0630—YHC contemplates a solo run vs returning to the confines of the vacation fartsack.

0630:59—Cubby rolls in and makes the decision for me.

Pleasantries are made and we discuss how great (sore) we feel from One Call’s visit on Thursday.  The 200lb loaded sled on BeachBellz the day prior sure didn’t help things for yours truly (Thanks Mudslide)

We decide no one else is showing and Cubby asks if YHC has ever led a workout.  “Yes, but not down here.”  What better time than now!

He starts us off on the Warmup

SSH (IC) x 15

Thru the Tunnel (IC) x 15

IST (IC) x 15

Then the official handoff.

We take off towards the park in search of some coupons.  Apparently there are “usually” some laying around (We need to get these guys some official blocks).  After spotting some nice looking logs (note made for another Q down the road), we grab some concrete chunks that would make momma proud, and make our way to the water fountain at the park.

The Thang

50/10 workout = 50 seconds of reps (all minus runs with coupon) followed by 10 second break.  (Arms, legs, abs, run)

Round 1—Curls, Squats, BB Sit ups, Jailbreak

Round 2—SkullCrushers, Lunges, LBC’s, Jailbreak

Round 3—Upright Rows, Block Pull under, Calf Raises, Quadraphelia

Round 4—Chest Presses, Block Chair, Flutter Kicks, Jailbreak

Round 5—Trifectas, Step Ups, American Hammer, Jailbreak


Mosey down to Baseball field to review the “Evolution of Man”

Start at 1st base line

Dragon walk to 2nd base line, mosey back

Bear crawl to 2nd base line, mosey back

Duck walk to 2nd base line, mosey back

Lunge walk to 2nd base line, mosey back

50% run to 2nd base line, mosey back

Sprint out to left field fence line, mosey back.


Now to make sure we get some cardio in.  PAX run around the park.

Stop at vertical bars and do max Derkins.

Impromptu stop while YHC does max incline merkins while Cubby does max #1

Resume PAX run around park and stop for max pull ups.


Grab coupons, mosey back to drop them off and return to the Launchpad for extended Mary

Freddy Mercurys (IC) x 15

LBC’s (IC) x 15

ETN(Elbows to Knees) right (IC) x 15

ETN(Elbows to Knees) left (IC) x 15

Shoulder taps (IC) x 15

Jane Fondas (IC) x 15 (both sides) …disclaimer was given not to face other PAX during this one

Finish up with Dr. W’s (IC) x 10…#CrowdPleaser



Easy countarama and namearama

Cubby Prays us out



-We always strive for big numbers at workouts but deep down the smaller ones are sometimes the best as you get to know your brothers better (really enjoyed the 2nd F today Cubby).

-YHC felt a bit guilty as he had SC’d to Bling for the Warthog pre-ruck, but after the bro-in-law and 2.0 mentioned they were a SC’s to post the night before, Timeshare was the vote winner.  Everything happens for a reason, and if the chips hadn’t fell where they did, a brother would have had to Sad Clown it.

-It’s always good to visit with the GrandStrand crew and am looking forward to the next time around.


Honored to lead, and be led by the F3 brotherhood,


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