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El Red Cardo


Texas Ranger, El Red Cardo (QIC), Skidmark, Skimmer,High Interest, Flyover, Vitamin D, High Interest, Quaker (YHC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 78, fair

YHC arrived at Hulkamania to find Flyover, El Red Cardo (aka: El Run Cardio), Skimmer, and Skidmark stretching and chatting in the parking lot. Then Vitamin D arrived, but where was High Interest? Maybe he was DR with Hottub. #Doubtful. Maybe the #TheSandman shanghai’d him for the last two mornings! #MostLikely . . .  The 1 minute warning was given. YHC asked who was Qing the run this morning and ERC shouted that he was in charge! Great!! Total number of Hulkamaniacs were 7. . . Let’s get this Thang started!!


Headlamps were lit and music turned up and we were off.  North on Frontage Road B-2. Instead of turning right onto Col. Bob Bell Path, ERC steered us left into the Nature Park  for 1 full lap around the gravel track then back onto Frontage Road head north once again.

We then turned right and entered the front gate of our 1st Community, The Battery. The PAX ran east on Castle Pinckney Drive then took our 1st left onto St. Julian Lane. We ran St. Julian Lane all the way through the community until it came to a dead end Cul-de-sac.  We looped around then continued south on St. Julian Drive. At the first intersection, we turned right onto Moultrie Drive and ran out of The Battery through the back gate and turned left onto Frontage Road once more.

We headed south now on Frontage Road and entered the Hulk Parking Lot, passed our vehicles and on to the service road through the Hulk. At the end of the service road, we turned left and followed the bike path for 300 yards. This path parallels The Bluffs. Just before the path entered the woods, we turned right through the bushes and into The Bluffs.

PAX ran 1-3 laps around the turn-about until the six was picked up. ERC then led us down the boat ramp to the intercoastal waterway and turned around for our only incline work of the day. At the top of the ramp, we turned left and headed south down the Avenue of the Palms.

At the next turn-about, we made a right onto Royal Bluffs Drive then took the 2nd left onto Bluff View Drive and continued to head south. Just before Bluff View intersected with Turtle Cove Drive, El Run Cardio treated the PAX to water break in front of his La Hacienda. #MuchoGracias!!

After our brief water break, we proceeded as a group down Turtle Cove Drive then turned right onto Royal Bluff Dr. We ran eat on Royal Bluff Drive, then turned north onto Bluff View Drive until it came to a “T”. At the “T” in the road be ran over the curve and onto the grass, through a vacant lot, over a berm and came out near the boat storage.  Vitamin D pointed out his vessel which was safely secured behind a storage fence and properly covered to protect it for the elements.

We then traversed a 2nd berm which took us back to the service road in the Hulk. As we ran back to our starting point we pick up High Interest, who missed our starting time by a few minutes due to a call of nature. No worries though, High Interest still got in 4 miles and ran our usual loop up and over Mt. Zeb. Along the way he met up with the PAX from The Village.

Time Called!!

Count-o-Rama = 8



Prayers by ERC




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