#ElevationMonday – NEW AO!!!! Launching September 16, 2019

#ElevationMonday – NEW AO!!!! Launching September 16, 2019

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NEW OFFICIAL AO!!!  #ElevationMonday

Men!  Most of you have seen the tweets and/or seen the blood, sweat, and tears coming out the gloom on Mondays for several months.  Well, here’s a little back story.  Ruckers were training for the 50 mile GORUCK star course in Charlotte.  What does Charlotte have that MB doesn’t?  Hills!!!  So we all figured we needed more hill/stair work.  So a few months before the event, we started a 0500-0600 workout that moved to various elevated places.  We rucked.  We rucked with sandbags.  We did some PT.  We did sprints and suicides (without rucks).  It was up to the Q that Monday.  It was awesome and we all got stronger and better doing this.  Then the star course.  Thank goodness for #ElevationMonday as we went up and up and up!!!

So, we kinda kept it rolling after a few weeks off from rucking to recover our feet (and blisters!).  We love it and after talking thought it should be a set AO.  We also want to make it open to all men of course.  Rucker/Runner/neither but wanna try.  If you wanna straight run, you will likely double or triple our distances.  If you are a runner and wanna ruck – throw 10 lbs in a weight vest on – it’ll only make you a better runner.  If you are a rucker, show up, bring a sandbag or an extra weight of some sort.  This will be a super fun AO with lots for everyone to get better!!!!

So, starting Monday September 16, #ElevationMonday will officially kick off!!! 

0500-0600 every Monday

Valvano will be the AOQ

The pattern will be:

1st Monday of month – Park at Hulk – use Grissom Bridge

2nd Monday of month – Doug Shaw Stadium

3rd Monday of month – 29th Ave South Beach Access parking – will use Crown Reef Stairs

4th Monday of month – Park in parking lot near Grand Dunes/hotel – use that steep bridge

5th Monday of month – if there is one – TBD – probably Hulk by default


We hope that you will check out this alternative workout!!!

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