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Lombardi, Turn&Cough, Bling

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Elevation Monday- the newest little brother of our region!  Lots of regulars “out of the office” this week, so numbers were scarce when I posted in Slack yesterday.  Got T&C and Lombardi to HC, so away we go to the Crown Reef-  the “highest” of all our elevations!

Met the boys at 0500, rucked up, and got on our way on this breezy and chilly morning,  about 48 out near the ocean!  walked to the stairs, dropped off rucks to warm up.  Mosey around the corner and up the incline and back down.   3 minute stretch for the crew as we talked about the weekend and upcoming Thanksgiving.

gave the instructions for the elevate.  we would do 2 sets of stairs back-to-back.  13 flights up, 1 minute at the top to catch breath, back down, 1 minute to catch breath and repeat 1 more time.  By the time this 2nd set was complete, we were all huffing at the bottom.  walk/rest across the street for our usual!  toy soldier walk down the garage, high knees back to keep loose (my legs are sore and T&C’s hip is bothering him- we are all getting old!)

1 mosey around the “track”.  using the incline, it was time for some ab work.  laying on the upslope, we would switch and do leg raises, with the other pushing our legs down.  20 per PAX, then 50 LBC’s OYO.

gave the gents a choice- we had to make 1 more trek up the stairs.  we could either do with our ruck again and repeat the 1st 2 sets, or we could do without ruck and to 15 calf raises each floor.  Majority rules, and we would do the calf raises each floor.  195 total raises as we hit floor 13, made our way back down, grabbed our rucks and walked back to cars.  lots of talk with the small group, these are 2 awesome dudes and I appreciate the accountability.  wrapped up with talk about the CCU game, Xmas party and ugh sweater for 12/21.

prayed out, grabbed our bananas from Lombardi (funny story) and off we went.

honor to lead Gents……

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