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Viagra (Respect), Texas Ranger, ERC, Beefsteak, Sade, Tiny Dancer

The Thang:

If you have not shown up to a Friday Mystery Q at The Village you are missing out.  I went to the first one before the corona virus shut down and when Quaker stepped into the middle everyone knew it was about to go down.  I was still nursing an injury from Flag Football, but i wont forget the mindset everyone was in. Most workouts are full of mumble chatter when the going gets tough, but at Elite Friday everyone is EXPECTING to embrace the suck and put out 1000%.  Great workouts being completed by great PAX, that being said i hoped i could keep the shoes filled by what i threw down..

1 Minute warning and the mystery Q is asked to step in the middle and show himself.. so i gladly oblige.  Disclaimer given- lets roll.


SSH- x30

TTT- x15

Good Mornings- x10

Imperial Walkers- x20

Merkins- 22 OYO

Lunges- 25 Yards down /Frankensteins(Toy Soldiers)- 25 Yards back

Karaoke Down and Back- 25 Yards

High Knees- 25 Yards down/ Butt Kicks 25 Yards Back

Lunges w/Twist- 25 yards down/ 75% Sprint Back


Mosey over to the coupon pile and grab a 25lb cinderblock, mosey back to start.  I gave everyone instructions and had prestaged cones at 800M, 600M, 400M and 200M from the AO.

5- Blockees

10- Squats w/ Block

15- Overhead Press

20- Kettle Bell Swings

25- Merkins on Block

Run to 800m Cone and Back (1 Mile)

Rinse and Repeat w/ Block and Run to 600m Cone (3/4 Mile)

Rinse and Repeat w Block and Run to 400m Cone (1/2 Mile)

After the 3rd Round when everyone got back we had enough time to return coupons to pile and have PAX choice for one work out

Viagra yelled out American Hammers for  20 4 Count on Villages wonderful asphalt…


Count Off- 7 Pax on Q

Announcements- Grandstrands 5 year in June

Name-o-Rama, COT- Beefsteak led us out in prayer


As i said before get out and try ELITE Friday.  After the workout as customary at an Elite Friday Q  i was awarded with a Block signed by all PAX that attended.  AWESOME.  I also was given the honor of handing out a PATCH to the Pax that gave it the most and surprise suprise Beefsteak pushed it the hardest.  On another note this was Tiny Dancers 3rd Post.  He started at Catapult, then Posted at Bombsquad, and now came out to endure and Elite Friday, so he was also awarded a Patch and well DESERVED!!

Humbled and Honored to lead!

Embrace the Suck-   Weasel



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