Elite Friday…sort of

Elite Friday…sort of

Workout Date:





Quaker (Respect), Manziel (Respect, DR - F3 Raleigh), CastAway, TrapDoor, SilverBullet(FNG), Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:


AO: TheVillage

Conditions: 79 degrees, Cloudy, Humid

Elite Fridays at #TheVillage started back in March before the COVID-19 shutdowns began and recently started back up.  YHC has been meaning to attend but a back injury sidelined me for a week or two.  YHC has also been waiting on an invite to Q but after weeks of checking my texts, voicemail and even mailbox, it had not arrived so when YHC found out there was no Q for today, YHC invited himself to Q.  DR PAX Manziel HC’d and an FNG did as well.  Since Manziel was at my #Warthog Q yesterday, YHC didn’t want to repeat the workout and Quaker had already taken part of my initial #EliteFriday idea on the first #EliteFriday Q.  So, since YHC has been driving around with a pull-up bar in my truck this week and always has a box of jump ropes ready to go, YHC grabbed the whiteboard and came up with a plan.  Seeing that thunderstorms were in the forecast, YHC was not sure what to expect.

YHC rolled in at 0510 and set up.  #EliteFriday is supposed to be a #MysteryQ but setting up the pull-up bar, jump ropes, whiteboard and carrying around a #weinke kinda gave me away.

1 Minute Warning by Quaker (No FNG yet…)

FNG rolls in exactly at go time doing a roll off his motorcycle right into the COP #truthnugget

Quaker introduces YHC as Q…big surprise



SSH x20 IC

Burpees x10 OYO

Mosey 1/2 mile down 65th Ave N to Timberline St and back

Everyone grab their own coupon and jump rope

6 station circuit – 1 minute rounds AMRAP

Coupon Press


Jump Rope


Jump Rope


Grab your block and carry down 65th Ave N to the cone, then overhead carry back to the #ShovelFlag for a 1/4 Mile Round trip.

Round 2 of circuit repeat at 30 second intervals,

Run down 65th Ave N to Hawthorne Ln and back for approx 1 mile.

Time Called.

Count-O-Rama – 6

FNG – Colin – wrestled since 5 yrs old, went to CFHS, just got out of the Army – MOS 11C –  Mortar Squad – Newest guy in the COT next to the FNG, Trap Door, asked about Silver Bullets – Manziel, a former Army Medic, knew what he was talking about, though stating that is a Marine/Navy Corpsman thing. FNG also knew what they were talking about but not the terminology. Apparently it is a thing between Medics and Mortarmen. We’ll just leave it at that.  SilverBullet it is!

Announcements – F3Grand Strand 5 Year Anniversary – Held June 13 at Warthog – Don’t miss it!  Get on the June Q sheets.

Prayers – Kelsey McGhee and her family – she passed away in a recent car accident on Hwy 501.  Prayers for Manziel and other traveling PAX and Grand Strand visitors.

Great time today!  Glad the rain held off.  It was great to be back at #TheVillage again.  YHC hasn’t seen Quaker since before he was #Respect!  That felt a little odd calling that out during Name-o-Rama.  He doesn’t look a day past 49 and crushes the workouts as always. YHC is not sure if this was elite enough for him.  Great to meet CastAway and TrapDoor!  Great push by both!  Also great to have Manziel out from Raleigh, he might go back thinking YHC is the only Q here.  YHC tried to change things up for you.  Great work and way to come back for the 6.  Super excited to have #SilverBullet out!  Dude is fit and can handle an #EliteFriday on his 1st day out. He probably went home and picked up some kettlebells to finish up his workout!  Hope to have you back out and even Q’ing soon!  Thank you to AOQ, TexasRanger for the #EliteFriday swag!  I’ll be back for more!

Well Done Men!

It’s an honor to lead!

-Headgear out!




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