EM to the best of my recollection … I’m tired

EM to the best of my recollection … I’m tired

Workout Date:





Smithers (Lake Murray), Headgear, OneCall, Bling, Pikachu, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

YHC has been admittedly lazy (and overwhelmed at work) since completing the F3 Custom HTL two weeks ago (check FB for an awesome video and tons of pictures to see all of the amazing men and events you missed out on!).  As a matter of accountability to myself and to ensure I could survive the beatdown, I grabbed the Q for today and #WaveRucker on Wednesday.  YHC got some added accountability when Smithers (HTL finisher) reached out Sunday that he’d be in town for the week.

1 minute warning given 1 minute late as the lights blasted on to illuminate beautiful Doug Shaw.

Disclaimer given

Start with a 400m warm up ruck
Drop rucks for 400m warm up mosey
300m warm up sprint straight into 4 sets of stadiums – LBCs on the 6, then 20 for all PAX
Grab rucks and repeat 4 stadiums, then mosey back to the goal line – Al Gore on the 6

Partner up
P1 – 20yd sandbag clean and toss, P2 AMRAP squats
P1 – crawlbear 10yd, bearcrawl 10yd, P2 AMRAP merkins
P2 moseys to meet P1
P2 – 20yd sandbag clean and toss, P1 AMRAP squats
P2 – crawlbear 10yd, bearcrawl 10yd, P1 AMRAP merkins
P1 moseys to meet P2
Continue until each partner gets 2 rounds (80yds total)

Recovery walk 20 yd to endzone and back

P1 – 10yd reverse overhead sandbag toss (keep injuries in mind and modify if needed), P2 AMRAP squats
P2 moseys to meet P1
Swap and continue 80 yds to endzone

Grab rucks for 400m recovery lap

Drop rucks for another set of stadiums

Line up on goal line for suicides. 20 yd increments, the whole length of the field.

Move to high jump cushion for American (no Bulgarians here) Split Squats
10 each leg #crowdpleaser
Walk a lap around the cushion to shake out legs
10 each leg
Walk a lap
10 each leg

Grab rucks for 400m lap
Mosey 400m lap

Circle up for 3 minutes OYO stretching

(There’s a decent chance the above is incorrect in one form or another. YHC had a plan in mind and quickly went off script when we were one sandbag short. You get the idea though.)

Time Called!

Count-O-Rama – 6
–  Freed to Bleed
–  Sasquatch CSAUP July 31st F3ENC – check #thesasquatch on Slack for details on #clowncar as well as virtual option at #Warthog (7/13 deadline to register for T-shirts)


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