Escalators and Shopping Cart Corrals!

Escalators and Shopping Cart Corrals!

Workout Date:





Grasspatch, High Cotton (RESPECT), Mud Slide, Test Tube, Purina, Tag Team, Bluegrass, Stuffed Crust, Whittle, and Hoedown

The Thang:

Upon arrival, I realize Hoedown and Bluegrass have a little head-start on the pre-run. I left solo to find them and we met up about 10 minutes till go time!  Gotta quick update on the 26.2 hour adventure from Bluegrass.

It was going to be a good morning for a beatdown. The air was thick, humidity was high, and the stench from the #Riviera was reminiscent of my uncle’s hog pallor I frequented as a youth!  We announced the 1 minute warning, and 2 more PAX showed up just in time!  Purina and High Cotton were fashionably late!

1 Minute Warning

Circle up

SSH – 20 plus 15 waiting on the PAX to make it to the circle!  IC

Shoulder Taps – 25  IC

Mountain Climbers – 30  IC

Baby Arm Circles – 25Fwd, 25Rev, and 10 OHC  – IC

Mosey over to BIG BOX OF BIG LOTS  to move away from the stench!

Re-assemble in the circle

20 Merkins IC

10 Burpees OYO

10 Count

We moved to the first corner of the escalator and gave the Ascending order:

20 Merkins, 40 Squats,  60 Mountain Climbers, and 80 LBC’s (PAX Choice)

Decending side:

20 CDD, 20 Burpees, 40 Squats, and High Plank for the Six!

Back at the beginning, we did a brief round of Follow the Leader through the parking lot.  We ended the run back at the shopping cart carroll. I don’t what it is about that Big Lot’s shopping cart corral, but I often find a way to incorporate it into a beatdown.

Circle the corral, grab the bar for dips.  25 IC

20 Derkins

20 Dips IC with moments to pause

20Diamond Derkins IC

Mosey over to another parking area to do Lunges and SSH until all PAX Finish.

Mosey back to beginning for a round of stretches lead by Bluegrass, Round of round Mary with rotating PAX Choice.



Saturday’s #REPUBLIC BEATDOWNS will begin at 0600 and end at 0700.  Just in time for breakfast with the Training Wheels crew!

We will be starting the Bible Study up again and will be considering new time and place.  Suggestions welcome. Same material as the other to AO’s are using.

Prayer Requests: Wanton’s Dad, High Cotton’s niece, Hoedown’s family loss (Mrs. Loretta Johnson), and others.


In ACTS 16 Paul and Silas are beaten and abused before being thrown into prison for preaching the gospel.  God sends an earthquake to destroy the prison, giving these two guys the chance to save the life of one of the Roman Prison Guards.  Because of their situation, God is given the opportunity to be glorified.  The miracle of the earthquake, and Paul’s ability to forgive, and offer salvation to the guard all glorified our Creator. Sometimes our struggles are meant to glorify God by our attitude through them.  The way we respond is critical to others’ view of our faith.

It was an honor to serve!  Thanks for making me better!


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