Everybody Surfee Now

Everybody Surfee Now

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Buffett, High Intrest, Dreamliner (DR), Quatro (DR), Digiorno Q (DR)

The Thang:

This week has been pretty Sucking Awesome. YHC was able to post DR 4x this week with a Q spot to wrap it all up. I stopped at The Fort for the first 3 and ending with GrandStrand #TheDunes. If you get the chance, get to The Dunes. Beautiful AO, on the beach. I had the pleasure of leading 5 HIM. When Q’ing I always like to try to bring something new…well at least new to the area. Keep reading and you will see what we did…

Conditions: Mid 70’s, nice breeze, moonlite beach, perfect for a BeatDown

We mosey’d to a grassy area for a little stretching.
*Downward Dog
*Curly Stretch or Runners Stretch
*Tricep Stretch
*Shoulder Stretch
During the Downward Dog/Runners Stretch YHC noticed Buffett pulling sticky burrs out of his gloves so we moved to the beach for the rest of the COP and WO.
YHC just had his 44th birthday, 44 of the next movements was in order, we definitely got warmed up…
44 SSH
44 Saturday Nights (on your 6, shoulders and feet stay on ground, raise hips high)
Saturday Night are always fun, especially when you have a few people walking by…
44 Merkins, single count
44 Squats

Thang 1:
Line up facing ocean
Bear Crawl 4 steps, then Footloose* right/left 2x
*Footloose: Keeping legs apart place both hands on ground. Keep right foot on ground bring left foot and leg in front of right foot, do not let foot touch ground. Do the same for opposite foot. This is a 1 count. You will complete 2 on each side.
Repeato until failure

Thang 2:
Introducing 2 new exercises.
Line up facing ocean
*The Surfee (Inventor Old Bay, F3Louisville)
(Burpee, pop up jump, always with a clap, land in Surfer position, like you are riding the wave, wait for Q to call next one)
*When Nature Calls IC 4 count
(Bear position, Squat keeping hands on ground, knee to elbow alternating)
YHC was not keeping perfect count, but we did approx 11 of each for 2-3 cycles

Thang 3:
Run the Beach
At each green trash can stop and do 11 of one below exercise, alternating each exercise. I think we hit 6-7 out and then back.
*Diamond Merkins

Finished it up with our good friend…
Jack Webb 1:4
Rosalitas/American Hammers
We ended at 10:40

We had appox 4-5 minutes remaining. Each PAX called an exercise for a 15 count…
Carolina Dry Docks IC
Flutter Kicks IC
Merkins IC
Freddy Mercury IC
One more that I can’t remember.

We ended with a few Intentions spoken and I took us out with a prayer and thanking these HIM for getting better with me today.

As a DR Q, YHC had the pleasure of honoring a fallen PAX by doing 34 Burpees. Per usual, all PAX did them with me. Patch was also earned.

This was an incredible week of meeting great men in this wonderful state of South Carolina.


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