Extra credit is not appreciated

Extra credit is not appreciated

Workout Date:





Mudslide, Wonton, Big Love, Whittle, Stuffed Crust, Magnum, High Cotton, Tag Team, Run Off, FNG (Little Love), Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

Due to the early morning wakeup call of a sick child I was up with plenty of time to spare this morning so I arrived way to early and mapped out a ¼ mile course in the big parking lot and strategically placed a five cones for Red Barchetta. Shortly after that 2 PAX and YHC took off for a great 2.73 mile pre-run, this addition to the beatdown has truly changed YHCs endurance levels and YHC has began to really enjoy it. The pre-run also gives you a great opportunity to get to know the PAX a bit better while pushing each other each morning. Coming in hot from the pre-run PAX had already began to circle up a few minutes before the beatdown and the one minute warning was called as several additional PAX came in on two wheels. There was also a strange line of cars pulling in behind the church which we later found out were runners. They look fast so we may have to corner them as a team and put them in the EH for next week. For the beatdown I tried to begin with a more cardio/endurance style workout and then end with a high intensity sprint geared workout, I also tried to incorporate several Oblique exercises because they are often times over looked. Hopefully the combination of endurance and sprint smoked the PAX as much as it did YHC. During the Burpee mile YHC may or may not have mislead some of the group to do an extra round of burpees. Apparently, a mistake of this nature made by the Q is punishable by 50 burpees…. Seems excessive but I guess burpees bring out the rage in everyone, so YHC will start repayment on Thursday. As always it was a pleasure to lead the group and I hope all got better.

Conditions: coolish
1 minute warning called
Disclaimer given

Warm Up
10-Merkins OYO
15-Imperial Walkers IC
15-Hillbillies IC
Indian Run with one Merkin to the big Big Lots parking lot

The Thang
Burpee Mile (12 Burpees followed by ¼ mile run)
Rinse and Repeat for a total of four rounds.
Several quick rounds of Mary were performed by the hard chargers waiting on the 6.

Red Barchetta
10 yards and 10 Burpees
25 yards and 25 Merkins
50 yards and 50 LBCs
75 yards and 75 Mountain Climbers
100 yards and 100 SSHs
Slow mosey back to AO

20-Richard Simmons IC
10-V ups OYO
15-Freddie Mercury’s IC
15-American Hammers IC

Prayer Request taken (Mud Slides Mother and Shannon Holbrook)
YHC prayed for the group.

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