F3 GrandStrand’s 6 Year Anniversary Pre-Blast Poem: “PICKIN’ UP THE 6TH”

F3 GrandStrand’s 6 Year Anniversary Pre-Blast Poem: “PICKIN’ UP THE 6TH”

Workout Date:



Brown Bag, Sunshine, One Call



The Thang:

AO: Warthog-Region-wide 6 year Anniversary Convergence

Conditions: Excellent

Date: June 12, 2021

Time: 7:00 am


Calling all Secret Studs & Clowncar Buds,

Calling all missing Kotters & Half-ass Squaters;

Calling all OG’s & Friendly Newbies;

Calling All PAX with Respect & the Usual Suspects


It’s time to shut down every AO but One

And come together for Fitness, Fellowship, and Fun.

It’s an event that only happens Once a Year

And like all beatdowns is led by Our Peers.


It’ll be held Outside, Rain or Shine;

And is Always Free . . . all the Time.

This Annual Convergence is Open to all Men

So bring a Neighbor, a Coworker, or a Friend.


It’s time to Celebrate all that is F3GrandStrand!

It’s time to step up and Be a Man!

Clear your Calendar and give a Hard Commit;

Show up, get 1% better, & Never Quit!


Pain & Pressure will be the Norm;

Because our 1st Nant’an, One Call, will be critiquing your Form

Our current Nant’an, Brown Bag, will DJ this Shindig

Bringing in Numbers that are Bigger than Big!!


If that not enough to get you Excited,

2.0s & DR Pax have been Invited!

Sunshine, our 2nd Nant’an, may have Treats or Tricks,

But the only way to find out is by “PICKIN’ UP THE 6TH”






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