F3 the musical

F3 the musical

Workout Date:





Kitten, Buffett, Rubber, Quaker, Hot Tub

The Thang:

It was a nice, cool 48 degrees when Hot Tub and I jogged into the Village parking lot. Four were present when I gave the 1-minute warning at 5:29. At 5:30 the disclaimer was given, and we warmed up with:

20 ssh ic

20 ttt ic

20 iw ic

20 little baby arm circles forward and reverse ic

10 hand release merkins oyo

Mosey one lap around the parking lot.

At this point, we tried to go through the new gate toward the playground, but it was locked. We adapted on the fly and ran the long way around to the playground, which was good, because as we ran around the front of the front building, Quaker was pulling in and we picked him up.

The Thang:

I decided it would be fun to take some of the song-related exercises others have done, add some of my own, and do them all in one workout. That’s exactly what we did. We opened with Chumba-Burpee: ssh for all 3:40 of the Chumbawumba song Tubthumping with a burpee each time they say, “I get knocked down.” This was followed by 1 lap around the Brittain center building.

This was followed by Bring Sally up, bring Sally down with high and low planks. We ran 1 more lap.

Next was a Kitten original, Kriss Kross will make you Jump(squat): We held Al Gore for all 3:20 of the song “Jump,” and did a jump squat every time they said, “jump” (a total of 79 jump squats). 1 more lap.

Another Kitten original, “Dippy.” We held ourselves up at the picnic tables with our arms during the song “Happy” and did a dip each time they sang the word “happy.” 1 more lap.

What do the abs say (a Kitten original): Hold 6 inches during the entirety of “What does the fox say,” doing 1 big boy each time an animal name is said and flutter kicks during the fox sounds. 1 more lap.

Merkin pie (another Kitten original): like Thunderstruck, except almost 4 minutes longer! Plank during “American Pie,” doing a merkin each time they sing, “I, my, bye, pie, high, dry, die,” etc.

We closed things with a mosey back to the imaginary flag, announcements, and prayer.

The biggest prayer was a praise for the guys who make up F3. The accountability and encouragement are real! Thanks to all who post and help each other get better. And encouragement to all who have been on the DL and/or fartsacking. We miss you!

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