F3 Wiffle Ball Cup

F3 Wiffle Ball Cup

Workout Date:



Red Baron


Springer, Airborne, Trio, Weber, FNG (Hot Corner), Soft Toss, Coot Man, Catheter, Nails, Progresso, Chipper, Voltron, Barcode, Pluff Mud, Esau, Low Tide, Mater, Birthday Boy, Heisenberg, Papa Smurf, Punch Bug, Faulkner, Red Baron

The Thang:

Ol’Blackbeard Revenge has had it’s butt kicked by some great guest Qs, and with a lot of visitors posting down here for vacation Red Baron decided it was going to be a good day for some F3 Wiffle Ball.

  • Conditions:
    • Fairly Pleasant at 74*
    • No Sea Breeze
    • Limited Gnats
  • 23 on Q
  • Warmup:
    • 25 Side Straddle Hop
    • 20 Imperial Walkers
    • 20 Baby Arm Circles Forward and Back
  • Count off by twos to determine the teams
  • Reviewed over F3 Wiffle Ball Rules
    • Strike/Foul Ball = 5 Merkins, Every ball was a strike 🙂
    • Out = 10 Big Boys
    • Lap around outfield whenever switching teams between batting/fielding
    • Error = 10 Jumping Knee Tuck
    • Single = 10 Squats
    • Double = 10 Mountain Climbers
    • Triple = 10 Burpees
    • HR = Bearcrawl around the bases
  • Game Highlights
    • Many strike-outs
    • A few errors
    • No one wanted a triple or a home run, I wonder why?!?!
    • Nice slap shot by Papa Smurf
    • Pluff Mud “fluffed” on bases loaded
    • Keep an eye out for flying bats
    • MVP Mater
    • After intense play and some jockeying back and forth, Birthday boy left the plate for a score 0 – 0
  • Announcements
    • Columbia Pax is doing a raffle on some running safety gear for Cheech Family. Please check their website.
    • Welcome FNG Hot Corner to F3!
  • Closed out in prayer

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