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OneCall, Bling, Billboard, Geno, SoftShell, Headgear, Hoser, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

37° with a windchill of 29° … it was 80° just two days ago!!

Last week on the way home from WaveRucker and then on the way into the office, I listened to the F3MentalBattle Roundtable podcast.  Two #HIM from F3Louisville shared their experiences with suicide and how it affected them and asked that March 27th be a day for F3Nation to bring awareness to mental health issues.  YHC called for volunteers to Q such a workout and after a few days of silence OneCall, Bling, and I started putting a workout together.

At 0429, YHC pulled into the lot and issued the 1 minute warning as I climbed out of the truck.  Awesome having Billboard back out at WaveRucker after a long hiatus for Adventure Race training and seeing Headgear back out again.  Weedeater?  Who knows?  I got a HC at his Q yesterday and he made sure to let us all know Billboard was a HC on Slack – even called out Flash.

To get started, YHC gave a brief recap of the F3MentalBattle podcast for those that hadn’t listened and OneCall gave an excellent overview of QSource 1.4 Jester.

Carry your brother’s burden:  Partner up with a PAX you don’t know everything about already (break up the #bromancemobile).  Partner 1 takes Partner 2’s ruck and set off around the lake.  This was awesome as each group separated slightly from the others and PAX had a chance to fellowship and discuss what they’re currently encountering in life.  Switch rucks as needed.

About 3/4 of the way around the lake my alarm went off.  I had set a 20 minute timer after the 1 minute warning earlier.  All PAX stopped and dropped their rucks.  According to Google (disclaimer given), 75% of suicides in the United States are males and 1 male commits suicide every 20 minutes.  At each 20 minute interval we will do the following:
– 22 merkins IC for the 22 veterans who commit suicide daily
– Plank for 75 seconds (or so)
During the plank, YHC read stats on mental illness (again, internet disclaimer) in the United States.

YHC restarted the timer and partners finished their loop to the playground.  I figured we couldn’t completely bypass the Robbie Miller WOD we’ve been working on, so today we’ll modify:
3 sets with your partner:
– 6 partner-assisted pull-ups (lift your brother up) … well, except for Headgear – he’s just a beast
– 6 partner burpees with a high-five at the top of the jump

At this point, we switched partners and headed back around the lake.

Second 20 minute timer went off about halfway around, so we stopped for merkins and plank again.  While loading back up, some great group fellowship got going.  After a bit, to stay warm, I suggested we finish the lap as a group and continue with the fellowship.

1 more round of merkins/plank and then modified Robbie Miller before time was called.

Count-O-Rama – 8
Prayer Requests – All situations discussed this morning


Huge thanks to everyone for buying in to the workout this morning.  It was definitely toned down from a normal WaveRucker beatdown, but I think/hope you all got a lot out of it.  As someone (Bling?) said, a mental beatdown today.  We all come out daily for the physical workout, but the 2ndF, the fellowship is the glue that keeps us coming back.

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