Faster with a Headwind??

Faster with a Headwind??

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Skidmark, Quaker

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania/BombSquad

Conditions: Cloudy, 60 Degrees, steady 10mph wind

It was 70 degrees and sunny today; a perfect day for doing almost anything, especially taking an evening run. YHC thought an evening run on such a day would be an easy sale, so I threw out a text to the P200 gang and tweeted it out on the Hulkamania channel, too.  I let all the Pax know I was ready to run, all they needed to do was name a time and a place.

Skidmark responded with “5:30 at BombSquad”

“Sounds great! I’ll see you there.”

2 hours elapsed and there were no other takes, maybe Poe would join us but only time would tell.

As I approached BombSquad the weather took turn, clouds started to roll in, and the temp dropped by 10 degrees. The contrast from earlier today was dramatic! YHC & Skidmark each put on an extra layer for warmth. I even put on running gloves, after all it was only 60 degrees with as steady wind blowing south.

Skidmark and I waited in the lot till exactly 5:30 hoping to see some additional Pax arrive. We stretched a little, we complained a little. With no other Pax in sight, we activated Strava and off we ran south towards Rt.501. Because If you’re gonna run, you might as well run with the tail wind!

Mile #1 – 8:37 pace

Mile #2 – 8:51 pace

At 2.5 miles we made a pit stop at the Exxon on Postal Way. YHC had a full bladder & couldn’t fully concentrate on the run. Now that I was a liter lighter, it was time to put the hammer down for the return trip!

We’d have to push hard to overcome the head wind and remain on pace.

Push hard is exactly what happened as we kept accelerating through each mile even as the headwind tried to slow us down!!

Mile #3 – 8:21 pace

Mile #4 – 8:09 pace

Mile #5 – 7:45 pace

As we turned the corner from the CF Blvd run path back into CFCC parking lot, our legs were throbbing, our hearts were pounding, and our spirits soaring!!

There’s nothing better than great run on a perfect day!!





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