Fastest PAX in the Village

Fastest PAX in the Village

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Sunshine, Rocky Top, Vit D, Brown Bag (respect) Bling

The Thang:

Village!  grabbed a Q here, looking forward to join all the “runners”, or PAX that attend this AO.  Well, except for Boxcar…..but he was no where to be found #searchparty.

anyway, pulled into the security gate at 0520- needed to walk around the grounds to make sure all was good- field was cut and in great shape- lets us it!  Noticed the 2 trucks of Sunshine and Vit D getting close with Q-Source.  (I had HC for 4/23!!).  Brown Bag pulls and the 4 of us get ready to go with a small knit group.  Disclaimer given, checked to make sure everyone was ready to roll- and Time.

22 Merkins IC #22kills

20 crunches OYO


25 crunches OYO

20 Tempo Squats IC. (This is where Rocky Top decided to pull in and join us.  #tooktoolonginthecrapper)

30 crunches OYO

20 Flutters IC

35 crunches OYO

20 Hello Dolly IC

40 crunches OYO

Solid warmup- we were now ready to tackle anything.  Mosey around the front of building and around the nice large field in the back.  I mentioned we would stop at the porta-johns at the back- all were surprised they were there!  Rocky Top had flashbacks (along with TP coming out of his shorts!). Pair up in 2’s (easy with 5 PAX) for a quick DORA.

partner 1- mosey backwards to goalpost (about 50 yards) and mosey forward back to asphalt.

partner 2- 100 Merkins, 200 CDD, 300 Flutters (2ct).  solid push and FORM by all!

mosey in reverse around the AO/field back to the front parking lot.  we stopped 2 times to do 10 squats IC- just to burn those legs a little more!

back to the front lot- time for some sprints.  Sprint the lot (about 60 yards) to the speed bump- rest 10 seconds, sprint back- 10 Squats IC.

repeated this sequence 4 times thru (I needed to “breath” thru my cadence!!). Legs officially smoked- but 5 minutes left!

partner up again- using the front benches.  partner 1 20 step ups, partner 2 decline plank- then switch.

round 2- partner 1 30 dips, partner 2 wall sit- mosey to the flag.  Round 3. partner 1 50 Rocky Balboas, partner 2 50 crunches (to end our totals)

TIME.  Announcements- Q-Source moving to 0600-0630 on 4/23 (as the Village AO moves start to 0515).  2nd F event for May in the works (CCU!!)

Prayers- Sunshine and his expanded biz, Vit D and travels/inlaws, brown bag and wife Lori- praise the wrist healing, Jemison family.


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