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The Thang:

While sitting in Church on sunday I noticed that waverucker had an open Q this morning. As opposed to coming up with excuses to miss I decided to jump in with both feet and come up with a Q that would be worthwhile for all those in attendance. The announcement was made, but this time was only request/suggestion was for rucks only with a max weight of 30 pounds.

The HC started rolling in. As more pax HC’d there was a conversation of the epicness of the workout. Remember an epic success and an epic failure or both epic.

7 pax arrive in the parking lot with rucks in tow. We made our way to the track where YHC explained that was happening this morning. Today we would honor the Tuskegee Air Men. This workout would consist of 13 rounds of 7 ruck merkins, 19 ruck squats and 41 single count Mt. Climbers. After each round pax would ruck 100 meters, then do another round. The significance of the numbers are that the first day of class for the Tuskegee Airmen July (7), 19th, 1941. The 13 round were for the 13 men that were in that first class. It was during one of these first rounds that all pax learned the importance of time stamping conversations with other pax in slack.

Well we finished that faster than I expected. So a sans ruck recovery lap gave me enough time to figure out that to do next. When we got back to our ruck an idea was starting to form. We grabbed our rucks and went to the far end zone. We finished our time together doing a circuit. The exercises were Military press, tricep extension, right arm press, left arm press, flutter kicks, hello dollies. The time for each exercise was however long it took the pax to ruck up the stadium steps and back down. Once all pax got through all 6 stations we finished with some scratching.

We circled out with BOM and YHC closed us in prayer.


Special event at Black Dog Running Company in Myrtle Beach Thursday the 23rd. There will be food, beer other specials. Bring the M and come out for a fun time.

Prayer Requests:

Pax in multiple states of rehabbing injuries.