Workout Date:





Viagra (R), Cubbie, Lombardi, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Timeshare

Conditions: 75 degrees, 99% Humidity

F3 GrandStrand kicked off this week with a Monday Double including a 2 hour ruck.  Multiple options for the Week2 IPC and Friday options that included OneCall’s 9/11 Tribute workout.  If you have posted this week, you have to be feeling it!  So, what to plan for a Saturday Timeshare workout?  Seeing that Hamburglar and Weasel are both on the Q sheet, I know there is a lot of competition today and there will be some tough workouts.  Definitely don’t want to see any more blocks today.  Lombardi sends the text last night asking about joining my solo #ClownCar up.  Great!  Might be three of us since Cubbie is the only other HC.  Lombardi and I roll in early and drive around the AO to scope things out.  We park and wait as Cubbie and Viagra pull up.  Between them, 3 knee braces…hmmm…adjust the beatdown or modify as needed.  Anyway, no more PAX rolling in and it’s time to roll!

1 Minute Warning



SSH x20 IC

IW x25 IC

Merkins x22 OYO

Windmills x15 IC

TTT x10 IC




OHP x15 IC

The Main Event:

Mosey up Main Street, right to Hillside Dr, right to 4th Ave N, right to Ocean Blvd to the gravel parking lot on 2nd Ave N

Jump The Fence Doras:

Partner up – Blue Shirts – Lombardi and Viagra, Black Shirts – Cubbie and Headgear

1st partner runs down the parking lot hoping 4 fences out and 4 back in while other partner completes exercises.

100 Merkins/200 BBSUs/300 Squats

Recover Walk and Mosey down Ocean Blvd to the parking lot with the posts on 1st Ave S.

Find a post – 10 step ups/10 Merkins x11 Rounds (110 Reps Each for the 110 Floors of the World Trade Center…we don’t forget on Sept 12th either).

Recover walk then mosey back up Ocean Blvd to 2nd Ave N to Hillside Dr to Main Street and back to the shovel flag.

PAX Choice:  Cubbie – 3 Burpees/ Viagra – /Lombardi – 15 Hello Dollys / Headgear – Up/down Merkins and holds for 5 total over about 2 minutes.


Announcements: Blackbeard 5 Year Anniversary on Tuesday morning.  TinyDancer VQ Tuesday morning at TheVillage,  Catapult and Warthog will be closed.  FreedToBleed Oct 30.  Timeshare Saturday workouts will begin at 0600 next Saturday going forward.

Prayers led by Lombardi: Spoken and Unspoken


Warthog will always be my home AO but its great to get out and Q at Timeshare and BombSquad on Saturdays as well.  There are a lot of possibilities here at Timeshare and I love the fence jump option!  Didn’t hit the beach today but I have a plan for that one.  Glad to have Lombardi join me for the ride up.  Great to see Cubbie and Viagra getting after it!  I’ll be back on the Q sheet soon!

Always an honor to lead!

-Headgear out!!!!

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