Fighting Joe Soto B-Day Beatdown

Fighting Joe Soto B-Day Beatdown

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Lombardi, Franklin, Karma, Hoser, OneCall, Hamburglar, Billboard, Weedeater, Podcast, Geno, Kiwi (Respect), Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: Clear. 73 degrees. 93% Humidity.


YHC took on the Q this day to pay some respects to Joe Soto, Sr.  YHC’s father, who is turning 70 years old today.  Born as one of 18, Jose Eloy Soto, known as Joe to most and Eloy to family and those closer to him that grew up in San Eli, TX picking cotton.  Joe was a SeaBee in the Navy and learned martial arts.  He became a black belt in American Kenpo Karate (Ed Parker Kenpo) as well as Taekwondo and was a professional kickboxer, ranked 2nd and 3rd in the world through ISKA and PKA kickboxing associations.  He was also a Golden Gloves Boxing Champion. He trained other fighters as well, included 6x World Champion, Cliff “Magic” Thomas.  YHC remembers evenings at San Juan Boxing Gym in South El Paso and mornings at the local high school track. Joe taught and coached (PE, Soccer and Tennis) for 30+ years in the El Paso school system then retired and became a Deacon in the Catholic Church.  Shortly before his retirement he began experiencing symptoms of Parkinson’s.  He has been battling Parkinson’s for about 15 years.  If it weren’t for this disease, he would probably be posting with us when he visits.  Today’s Q was to honor the foundation YHC’s father set to becoming better and working hard. Some of the exercises were taken from YHC’s memories in a smelly gym and some from researching boxing conditioning online.

PAX rolling in.  YHC finished up a lonely 4 mile run while the Salty Gears crew was coming back from 20 and 30 mile rides!

1 minute Warning




Mosey to the Bridge

Circle up – Learn the basic martial arts stance, The Horse Stance.

From the Horse Stance:  Straight Punches IC x10

Graduate to the Fighting Stance (staggered stance):

Count: 1.Jab, 2. Cross, 3. Front Kick from Back Leg 4. Recover to Fighting Stance   IC x15


Mornings at the track always included running so Run around the lake 1.07 miles.


Meet at Mount Myrtle and Partner up.

2 Rounds

Use Mt. Myrtle for Decline Big Boy Sit Ups coming up with opposite elbow to opposite knee (We’ll call these Boxer Big Boys) Partner holds your feet.  X10 single count each man

Burpees x10


Mosey to Palm Trees

Jump Rope 2 Minutes

Plank 1 Minute


4 Rounds:

Jump Rope 1 Minute

Plank 1 Minute with Shoulder Taps last 20 seconds


Mosey to Valor Park

Boxer Circuit x4

Freddie Mercuries (touching opposite elbow to opposite knee) x15 sec

Boxer Merkins (Alternate knees up to chest between downs) x15 sec

Mountain Climbers x15 sec

Punch Hops (Low squat hopping and alternating straight punches right and left) x15 sec

Burpees x20 sec

Shoe Shines (Fast Feet, Fast Hands) x20 sec

Mosey to next corner


Joe Lewis’

Start with Opposite Side Fighting Stance

Count: 1. Jab, 2. Cross, 3. Duck, 4. Recover.  X20

Switch Sides.  X20

Mosey back to Flag

OneCall called out new exercise: Joe Soto’s. Partner up and LBCs with Partner slapping exercising partner’s belly between counts.  X35 each partner (total 70 for 70 years)

Billboard called out American Hammers x20




Announcements: Reminder of AO time changes for Tuesday/Thursday at Warthog and weekday’ s at BombSquad.   Iron PAX Challenge Tuesday’s at Warthog throughout Sept.  Bring a Block for Tuesday.  Myrtle Beach Mini-Marathon Ruck or Run, sign up with 50/50 to support CAN.

Prayers – Noisy Cricket’s Injury and for all injured PAX.  Gratefulness for Dorian bypassing Grand Strand and prayers for those that were affected by the hurricane.  Prayers for Joe Soto on his 70th Birthday and for his fight against Parkinson’s.


This is an awesome group of PAX and an awesome AO.  YHC is truly blessed to have found the F3 Brotherhood and this group and was reminded of this seeing others running around the lake today while we worked out together.  This beatdown included some new exercises and movements and as always, was intended to be a good beatdown.  Knowing Hamburglar, Podcast and OneCall had some martial arts background, YHC thought they may be right at home.  Too bad Rousey was out in Aynor doing his final summer #JudeeChop.  Many of the PAX did pre-work and to push through this beatdown afterwards was intense.  Everyone did great on the 1 mile run.  The philosophy of YHC is that if we can workout for an hour, we can run 1 mile and more.  The key is in the pace and getting used to it, just like burpees, lunges, riding, rucking and everything else we do.  Thank you to all and thank you for showing up to help celebrate dad’s 70th with a Boxing Beatdown!  YHC will leave you with these two Muhammad Ali Quotes:

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

-Always an honor to lead!

-Headgear OUT!!!



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  1. Headgear great backblast and all honor and a Happy Birthday to your father Joe! It is evident that you are the man and leader you are because of your father and his hard work, faith, and mentoring. We never know out legacy and the impact it will bring to our sons/daughter’s until late in life. You are that legacy and it is a light to all of us. Your father’s legacy is reflected not only in his family but all those young people he led while coaching and his continued perseverance fighting Parkinson. Sorry the bike ride about did me in but glad I was there to celebrate your Dad on his special day – thanks for leading!

    1. Thank you Kiwi! It’s always great to have you out posting with us! No need to apologize! That bike ride would have done me in even without taking a spill! SYITG

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