Final GORUCK prep

Final GORUCK prep

Workout Date:





Bling, Valvano, Lombardi, Rousey, OneCall

The Thang:

62, and a bit humid

With 2 GORUCK events coming up this weekend, the plan was simple.  Final dress rehearsal and some easy miles.  5 PAX showed up, shared some team weight ideas and exhibits (Great job Rousey in making a cool ammo can; excited to see the log Bling is having customized for the event).  Rousey is in for his first GRL Saturday!

We got 5 miles in – all around the AO throwing in some inclines in the parking decks with a nice session of stretching led by Rousey and some ideas stolen from Headgear.   Old guys stretching is awesome.  And creaky, very creaky.

Got back to start point for COT and BOM

Prayers for PAX and familes
Prayers for family who’s house burned
Prayers unspoken
Rousey led us out

Don’t forget QvQ finals Monday at BombSquad!  After this weekend, we may just hang out and film it!

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