First Village Q

First Village Q

Workout Date:





O’douls, Texas Ranger, OneCall, Bling, Pikachu (QIC)

The Thang:

AO The Village

Conditions: High 30’s

This was my first time venturing away from #Catapult on Q. Seems like a good place to venture out when a great dude like Texas Ranger runs the AOQ as there is no judgement and he’s encouraging. Keeping healthy and changing my lifestyle is what F3 has done for me and love the change.

Well I showed up early to check out the AO, finalize my workout and well the gate code doesn’t work so now I’m really screwed up. We all squeezed through the gate and finally got the workout going late.

Disclaimer – Screwed that up

Warm up

20SSH IC, 15IW IC, LBAC 15F,R IC, 15 Predator Squats, 15HB IC and I screwed that all up.

Mosey to the Coupon pile and pick up block and start right in.

Segment 1

Four Corners All Decline IC

First Corner 20 slow Decline Curls IC while holding a squat, mosey to next corner and do 20 Rocky Balboa on block (typ) IC

Second Corner 20 slow Decline Tricep Ext IC, mosey to next corner do 20 Rocky Balboa IC

Third Corner 20 slow Decline OHP IC, mosey to next corner do 20 Rocky Balboa IC

Fourth Corner 20 slow Decline Bent Over Rows, place blocks on ground and mosey to coupon pile.

Segment 2

Grab a cinder block do 20 curls, then 20 Rocky Balboas IC

15 Incline merkins on Curb, 20 Rocky Balboas IC

15 Decline merkins on curb, 20 Rocky Balboas IC.

Segment 3

Lets get in a set of 11’s. SSH and Squats. Mosey back to previously used Coupons, pick up and head towards wall for some more work.


Segment 4

Grab a piece of wall

Wall sit, 20 curls oyo, keep holding wall sit do 20 Lion kings oyo.

10 Flop Specials IC, feet against wall and drop knees to ground..

Wall sit, 20 OHP oyo, keep holding wall sit, hold block straight out in front for One minute

10 Flop Specials IC

15 Merkins over block. Chest touches block, mosey back to coupon pile and return.

Segment 5

Suicides. One of my favorite workouts.

15 parking lot lines. Five crunchy frogs.

Mosey up one line back to the beginning and do five crunchy frogs all oyo. Repeat until all 15 lines have been completed for 75 total crunchy frogs to finish up the morning.

Right on time to finish up. Started late but got as solid workout in. Great job men.




Many 3F commitments to participate in. Check slack for details.

Onecall has informed us they are applying to be the host region for F3 anniversary. Many restaurants, hotels, restaurants are needed to host a few thousand men. Brownbag is leading this charge.

Prayers: unspoken

Solid work by all!





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