First Waverucker Q

First Waverucker Q

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The Thang:

I was at the Warhog Qed by Wolverine a few weeks ago and Hoser asked if I wanted to Q waverucker. I hadn’t thought about it, I mostly have trouble getting through the workout, but I said sure. It is the last ruck before Valvano makes everyone quit rucking on the 27th so why not.

I have been rucking Saturdays before the normal workouts so I decided to stroll around Market Common to see where we haven’t rucked. I wandered over the Culinary school and saw a good spot to do some PT, I wandered around some more and found similar spots to hit on the way back, I had my plan. Then last waverucker happened, headgear had us cover almost 5 miles in the same time I had to cover 3, that wasn’t going to cut it. I added the last bit recalling some previous rucks. I hoped i made it tough enough for everyone else and not too tough for me. Here is what we did.


1 Minute warning a loose disclaimer and pointed out the direction to head and we were off. I had in mind that we would do long straight walks for the bulk of the first two miles. The fist mile we headed to the Culinary School and used the wall in front for 20 step ups (10 per leg) and 20 squats. We did 10 shoulder to shoulder presses. Then an overhead hold until I could not do it anymore. On the six for 4 count flutters to 15, on my cadence.

Ruck up, sandbags on the backs and off for the next mile. We headed around the School and two straight shots to Tofino’s. They have a fountain with a higher step up for 20 again, and 20 squats, a set of 10 incline merkins and another overhead hold. This time it was 20 4 count flutter kicks.

Ruck up, sandbags on the backs and we are on the move. This was a short trek to the movie theater. They have some planters there for more set ups and squats. This time we just did flutters, I wanted to get back to the AO to finish up strong.

We headed across the parking lot to the road where we partnered up. One person took the sandbag up to the cross walk the where they switched. Then back down the road. Everyone went up the road and back with the ruck. Everyone dropped the rucks then back up and back down the road to finish. We did the last part in 16 minutes.

I appreciate the opportunity to lead and to get stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. A shout out to Lombardi who took my sandbag coming back down the road since we had an odd number of sandbags.

See everyone on Saturday dark and early.

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