Flash & Billboards Block Adventures

Flash & Billboards Block Adventures

Workout Date:



Billboard & Flash


Weedeater, Flash, Billboard, Head Gear, Jingles, Lombardi (Rucker), Skimmer, Hamburgler, One Call (Rucker), Bling (Rucker)

The Thang:

“The Thang”

Conditions: Cool and Crisp.  High 40’s.

Flash and Billboards Block Adventures:

Arrived at parking lot excited to get my bike out and go for a ride Hoping I had some Pax to go with me.  Jingles showed up to ride (one of my salty gear buddies). Whittles (Bernie) showed up but he was unable to ride as he did NOT bring his bike.  There were no other bikers.  Also present were the Three Pax going on a 12 mile Ruck but, ended up with 10 miles under their belt (Bling, One Call and Lombardi).   Jingles and I ended up at the Myrtle Beach Ferris Wheel with some good fellowship conversations, when Weedeater sent me a text stating he was on his way!  Upon our return, we met Weedeater and headed back for another 6-7 miles back to AO.

One Minute Warning giving

Proper Disclaimer

aaaannnnnnnnddddddd I see once again NO shovel flag GGRRRRR


(Billboard): 35 SSH IC

(Flash): Tempo Merkins 22 IC

(Billboard): Tempo Squats 20 IC

(Flash): IW 15 IC

(Billboard): WM 20 IC

(Flash): Predator Squats 20 IC

(Billboard): Little Baby Arm Circles 20 foward 20 backwards

(Flash): CP 20 IC


The Pax mosey to the track to run a lap and returned to Weedeaters truck to grab blocks.  We grabbed our blocks and lined them up on the one side of the field.

Lined up Pax in two teams for a tractor tire flipping relay. Each Pax was to flip the tractor tire three times while the other Pax stayed at home plate in Plank position.  When the Pax returns, the other Pax would do the same until the Tractor tire was at the end of the field.  22 Merkins IC. Returned tractor tire with four flips this time to the other side of the field.

Flash and Billboard’s Block Adventures was created by Flash and Billboard on the Beach at Flash’s Condo.  We thought the Pax would be interested in this work out. So we decided to let them in on our little secret. sssshhhhhhh do not tell anyone.

First exercise: Required three moves.  Bent over row into a curl into a military press. Reps 12, Reps 10, Reps 8.  When complete, Pax mosey to the other side of the field and back.

Next exercise consisted of whole block. Get down on one knee, then two knees, then squat and thrust into the air. Reps 12, Reps 10, Reps 8.  Pax mosey to the other side of the field and back.

Next exercise consisted of three military right shoulder, then left shoulder, then front military press.  Reps 10. Reps 8.  Reps 6. Pax mosey to the other side of the field and back.

Next exercise consisted of partners back to back. Sit down position and handing off block from the right and handing off on the left. 20 one way.  20 the opposite way.

Next exercise consisted of bench press with block with flutter kicks at the same time. Reps 20. Reps 18. Reps 16.

Final exercise consisted of 20 incline Merkins, 20 decline Merkins and 20 diamond Merkins. 3 Pax from the ruck return for the end and join us in a few exercises. It was nice to have them there and to join us for some camaraderie.

Billboard led COT.

Announcements: Wave Ruckor Wednesday.  Bling Q on Tuesday at Warthog. Some kind of happy hour thing that no one is going too lol.  Yes I asked who was going and i got no one.

Onecall lead us out with prayer well done Thank U! Also, Thanks going out to Weedeater for bringing all the blocks and tractor Tires Your the bomb!!

Thank You all as always for pushing me to my limits and being there so I have a pax to lean on. Always a pleasure to lead and today was special with my CO-Q Flash!!!!


Peace Brothers!!

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