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Billboard, Weedeater, Penelope, Screamin' Eagle, Bling, Gepetto, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

No, not Flash dancing….the movie, Flashdance!!

Debated last night and this morning.  We are like a bunch of old ladies.  Rain.  Yes.  No.  Maybe.  Ground is wet.  Penelope has new shoes.  Lightning.  On and on.  Executive decision made on drive in as lightning was BAD and no need to be holding huge hunks of metal out there, and so message sent out via brainwaves #DontTextAndDrive meet in parking deck.  Scouting of parking lot made to be sure no PAX missed the memo, and then things commenced in the deck.  Good thing too cause at 0550, the bottom fell out and it was monsoon season!

1 minute warning
Disclaimer to everyone but Bling and Gepetto who were LATE

Let’s swing every single weight.  6 reps at each.  13 bells
1 arm, 2 arm, whatever.  Use good form.  Loosen up!

Fancy clock from garage set up.
Exercises went over so men could prepare for the weight they wanted to use.
Extra 20 lb and 30 lb ruck plates thrown in
45 seconds on – good form, intense, push yourself
15 second rest
Next exercise
We would go through the circuit
Goblet Squat
Merkin with right arm on bell
Right leg Lunge – OH hold the KB
Merkin with left arm on bell
Left leg Lunge – OH hold the KB
Snatch – do 3-5 1 side, then do other, back and forth
Calf Raises

Rest 1 minute
This got heart rates up and men pumped and pushing!  Great work!!
Needed a break
Everyone grab a bell and circle up for KB press flutterkicks.  10IC for each PAX with YHC going 1st and last.  So yes, 80 IC Flutters and presses.  Good rest men!

Shoulder blast
EVERY BELL – shoulder presses
1 arm, 2 arm, use legs as needed with heavier weights – if it turned into using a lot of legs/thrusters – hold the weight up overhead for a 2 count

Another rest needed.  Grab a KB and do 25 LBCs holding weight up

Destroy them
Alternate bis and tris at each bell.  Outer curls, inner curls, concentration curls, hammer curls, 2 arm curls, negatives.  Kickbacks, extensions (1 or 2 arm), skull crushers, diamond merkins.  Do what you need to do at each weight and get those arms bigger and bigger!!!  Only required exercise was on the 20’s.  Hold handle, hammer curl, then shoulder press that with handles down!!!  Don’t break your wrist.

Just because I wanted to end with this
2 KB Turkish getups.  Grab a weight.  Do 1 each side.  Get stronger!!!


Count-O-Rama – 7 sweaty hulking dudes
Prayers for families and marriages
Prayers for travel
Prayer requests unspoken

– There are some major gaps in the parking deck, so water pours down through the ceiling.  Weedeater put on his sexiest face and let the water drench him just like Flashdance for a picture!
– Bling and Gepetto ran to the car to get prettied up for our impromptu #coffeeteria at Donut Man and missed the group picture.
– Portugese rolls are awesome
– Billboard is simply an animal
– Penelope is on day 1 of his #IronFlag adventure!
– Screamin’ Eagle – a few weeks ago, KB’s weren’t his thing.  Now, he doesn’t miss and he smokes weights like they were nothing!!!!
– Gepetto – appreciate you coming out!!  Strong work!!  Watch that video I sent Bling to get you ready for tomorrow!!
– Thanks for the hard work today men!

– Lombardi has worked out tickets to the Pelican game on Monday, August 27.  Details will be coming!!!  Come one, come all!!  PAX, M’s, 2.0s.  FREE!!!!



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