Flightless birds like Ladders

Flightless birds like Ladders

Workout Date:





Chicken little, (AOQ), malpractice (3xR), beaker, skimmer (R)

The Thang:

Since recently taking on Sharknado I have come to highly respect those AOQs who lead us each week at the various Qs around the Grandstrand. Chicken Little having just lost one of his regulars in Viagra leaving for Anderson/Clemson/Lake Keowee – I figured to pick up CL by taking on a Q. Besides I had a great time with these guys for Viagra’s farewell workout.

COP – generally 20 reps

Harry Rockettes


Tempo squats

Willie Mays Hayes

LBAC – F / B

Seal Claps

I always enjoyed O’Douls ladder workouts and having not done one before I thought lets Go! NMB has some great parks to work out in and I wanted to make sure we made it to the rubber coated kids park – for BBSUs which we did.

5 – Burpees

10-Monkey Humpers

15 – Merkins

20 – Mountain Climbers – 2 count

25 – BBSUs – rubber mat – I was still sore this weekend

30 – SSH

35 – LBCs

40 – Should taps – 1 or 2 count

45 – Squats

50 – Flutters

Same thing but back down the ladder. Good work and we worked our way back to the home base and finished with some Mary, etc

Malpractice – karaoke

Beaker – V ups

Skimmer – heals to heaven

Chicken Little – American Hammers

Kiwi – 22 Merkins – honoring those lost post memorial day weekend.

Honor to lead!

Skimmer prayed us out with prayers for his home, family, work. prayers for Lisa Robinson a friend of mine battling brain cancer, safe travel – chicken little!