Flip the Script

Flip the Script

Workout Date:





Quaker, Hamburglar

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania Everywhere

Conditions: 65 degrees, sunny, calm

After a 4 hr Ruck it was time for P200 training. Earlier in the week, Hamburglar & YHC sent out an invitation to all PAX who had signed up for GrowRuck training to join our run. The plan was to complete the GrowRuck and then see how much gas we still had in the tank.

The GrowRuck Event at the end of April will be 3 times longer than today’s ruck (12-14 hours!), so we will all need to build up our stamina & endurance. Running after the event seemed like a perfect way to increase our strength both physically and mentally.

I think the majority of Pax who saw our running invite, thought it was a joke, and if it wasn’t a joke then we were ‘crazy’. It wasn’t crazy though, it was just a part of the preparation. During the ruck  most Pax were looking forward to end of the training. Hamburglar & YHC flipped the script . . . we were looking forward to the post run!!

After the GrowRuck training ended, we pick ourselves up off the ground & had a question & answer session with our Cadres.

During the announcements at the COT, I once again extended an invite to all Pax to join us. The Pax still were not sure if we were bluffing:  There were some laughs, some ‘yeah right’, and plenty of heads shaking.

After One Call prayed us out, Hamburlar began dumping the sandbags into the landscaping as the rest of us packed up our gear and started trekking back to the Warthog parking lot.

Once in the parking lot, the ruckers all began shedding our wet and sandy clothing; Hamburglar & I shed the rucking gear, too, but then put on our running gear.

Not only were the GrowRuck Pax in the lot, but also the Pax who completed the Warthog Beatdown led by Humpback. Just like the Growruck Pax, the regular Pax asked if we were really going to run. They were invited to join us, too.

One last invite was extended to all the PAX, there were no takers, so off we ran Hamburglar & me.

Here’s what happened.


We began running straight down the service road next to the football field and headed towards the baseball fields. As we ran on the sidewalks between the baseball/softball fields we saw bright yellow softballs everywhere on the grass just beyond the outfield fence. At first we were amazed at how many homeruns get hit in softball games then realized that if this many homeruns get hit, the fences are obviously too short. If its too easy, you’re not getting better. I guess this is why we ruck, why we run, and why we show up for beatdowns! None of its easy.

We eventually exited the baseball complex and turned right onto Myers Avenue. We continued down Myers Avenue and then turned right onto Farrow Parkway. We headed east on Farrow Parkway then turned right onto Forbes Court heading back to the Warthog Parking Lot.

At this point, Hamburglar needed to peel off and get to work. We gave each other a fistbump and YHC continued to run! My legs were feeling good so I wanted keep going. Besides, YHC need the miles for the P200.

I ran to Warbird Park, then circled back. At Shine Avenue, I turned right, then turned left onto William Curry Alley. After a short run on the alley I found my way to Carlson Street via Mike Marlowe Alley. I ran a few blocks along Carlson Street, then turned right onto Johnson Avenue all the way to Hackler Street. I took Hackler Street to Howard Street running past Valor Park.

I then crossed Farrow Parkway and took the bridge across Grand Lake. I ran the run path along the lake, then ran up & over Mt. Myrtle and into the parking lot where our day began almost 5 hours ago.

The Numbers: GrowRuck Miles = 6.5 to 7; Post Run = 4.2 Miles; Ruck Pace = <15 minutes; Run Pace = 8:39 minutes

Moleskin: YHC had an excellent time this morning. Special thanks to OneCall, Valvano, & Flop for leading the GrowRuck training this morning. It was an honor learning, side by side with the other 15 Ruckers, to be “comfortable with the uncomfortable.” We pushed each other & shared the pain, but more importantly we supported each other & strengthened the team. Tclaps to Hamburglar for sharing the extra credit with me after the ruck!





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