Football Fun

Football Fun

Workout Date:





Wonton, Bubbles, Bling, Hoser, Whittle, Magic Mike, Billboard, Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

4 PAX for 16.5 Pre-Bike (Billboard, Magic Mike, Whittle, Bluegrass)

4 PAX for 6 mile Pre-Ruck (Lombardi, Geno, Hoser, Bling)
Geno and Lombardi had to leave but WonTon and Bubbles showed up show we still had 4 on 4.

1 minute warming


25 SSHs IC
15 Windmills IC
15 Imperial Walkers IC

Football Drills.
For this we counted off 1, 2, 1, 2… and this is how we ended up with our teams of 4 on 4. We put on the flags and each team went to a different drill.

Drill 1
Zig Zag through 6 cones and catch pass at the end. Once you catch the pass you will be throwing to the next pax.

Drill 2
4 cones roughly 30 yards apart, Karaoke to cone one, spring to cone two, back pedal to cone three, catch pass, tuck and sprint to cone 4. Once you catch the pass you will be throwing to the next pax.

Teams switched and went through the other drill.

Most of the guys had already put in a lot of work and were very warmed up but I checked with the others that just showed up and they said they were ready to go.

I announced the rules and we set up the field, quickly the PAX began complained about the Burpee penalties for allowing a team to score or turning the ball over. They continued to mumble and grumble about it being cold and already doing so much this morning so I let it slide and we just played a game of regular old football.
Things we learned:
1. Bubbles has to stretch more!
2. Bling thinks he is Nick Foles
3. Bling doesn’t like to say hut or hike like a normal person, he uses some weird voice and just says “aaaannnnndddd goooooo”
4. Wonton has hands for a former DL
5. Billboard has a canon and threw it out of the back of the end zone on kickoffs
6. YHC is really slow when it’s cold
7. Jason Taylor left his hustle at home
8. Magic Mike’s end zone dance revealed that he is not appropriately named.
9. Hoser can wreak havoc on a wedge on kick coverage

10-V ups IC
10-Freddy Mercury’s IC
10-Peter Parkers IC
Prayer Request
Whittles Grandmother, Wontons Dad, Etch a Sketchs Dad, Big Wheelz

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