For Those About To Rock…

For Those About To Rock…

Workout Date:





Bountygate, Brown Bag, Humpback, Rocky Top, Skidmark, Hamburglar, Skimmer, Rubber, O'Douls, Quaker (1st F Q) and Sunshine (Nan'tan)

The Thang:

Conditions: High 30s, dry with most Pax bundled up (initially).

This morning was one of YHC’s routine monthly Qs at his home AO #BombSquad (BS).  The BS AO is a no frills, let’s get some work done type experience.  Sure we have our fair share of #mumblechatter and YHC/QIC has made some deep friendships from this location, but we come here to put in some quality 1st F. QIC threw down the gauntlet the day prior that this morning’s beatdown was going to tough and requested that our F3Grandstrand DJ Brown Bag set up a playlist with classic rock tunes to go along side with this good ole fashion arse whooping. To QIC’s delight, 12 #HIM responded ready to eat glass!

Warm Up:

IC 15 – 20 reps. of SSHs, TTTs, Imperial Walkers and LBAC (CW & CCW).

“For those about to rock”, we will do this!

*Each Pax completes the entire list; however, exercises could be broken down in sets done in any order.  Most broke it down into 4 manageable sets.

  1. 60 Burpees
  2. 100 4ct. Flutter Kicks
  3. 100 Jump Squats
  4. Run 2 laps around church building
  5. 120 Merkins
  6. 100 traditional swings with either 40# or 50# KB
  7. 2 carries from COT to the Cross and back (a newly constructed cross at the front of church – a fitting landmark) of Pax choice of (1) plastic handle less bucket with 70# of weight with the protocol that you could drop, re-adjust grip, rest as many times as needed; (2) 80# KB with the protocol that you couldn’t drop the weight (15 burpee penalty if you did); and/or (3) 60# sandbag with 15 burpees at end of carry. QIC also said that you could work in pairs, but with the same protocols in place. This segment was the winning #crowdpleaser of the morning.

Time!  Most finished.  Everyone was gassed.

Count-O-Rama 12
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken (Skimmer’s friend’s M who is battling a grave illness and is in the hospital, ERC’s trip to Peru, YHC’s work review, being better #HIM, families, etc.) and unspoken.
BOM by Skimmer.

Announcements: Check out F3 Grandstand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Lots of 2nd F (GZ Dragon Boat Race; lunch TODAY at noon at Thai Lao; and HHs TODAY 4/3 (Bling and Buffet on Q) and 3rd F (Q-Source (and #PitStop) opportunities. Lots of opportunities to get plugged in, fellowship…and when life kicks you in the arse we #shieldlock!

NMMS: Honor to Q and support BS!  This morning’s workout was tough; especially the 4th set.  However, all Pax grinded it out and either completed the workout or got close.  Excellent tunes!  “For those” who showed up and “rocked it”, YHC/QIC “salutes you!”



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