Fozzie Bear and Kermit the Frog

Fozzie Bear and Kermit the Frog

Workout Date:



O'Douls (AOQ) & Pikachu


Candy Cane, Hedgehog, First Base, Crabs, Judge Judy

The Thang:

Conditions– Brisk & Refreshing morning!- High 40s/Low 50s

After recently seeing the  dynamic duo of One Call and Bling host a Q together at Catapult, I announced last month that if anyone was interested in leading a Q with another PAX to let me know. No takers, but the current and former AOQ hopped on the opportunity! We were known as Fozzie Bear and Kermit the Frog band of brothers today. We were also both pretty banged up with me being out sick for over a week and Pikachu blasting himself at his B-Day Q at Bombsquad on Saturday.

I gave the one minute warning and finally some PAX rolled in for the fun.

The mission was stated by me, and Judge Judy thought I announced that I was going to play with Pikachu, but in fact, I said  “play off” Pikachu. I guess that was a bad choice of words lol

Disclainer was given (and no we can’t sue Jim Henson- Hedgehog)


20- Hairy Rockettes IC by O’Douls

15- Tempo Squats  IC Pikachu

10- Good Mornings IC O’Douls

15- MCs IC Pikachu

15- Plank Jacks IC

5- Merkins OYO

20- IWs IC O’Douls

15- LBACs Pikachu

15- LBACs IR IC O’Douls

17- SSHs

The Thang

We walked (not moseyed) over to the parking lot, and there was mumblechatter from the peanut gallery that it was too cold and we should mosey. Pikachu said “oh, I’m up to give next instructions”. Then we moseyed back to the cross for the following set of exercises:

100 Step-ups while partner moseys around main entrance island

50 2ct Rocky Balboas OYO

200 Dips while partner bear crawls width of parking lot

300 SSHs while partner moseys to Candy Cane’s car

Next, I was up for a set of the following exercises that spelled ODOULS:

O= OYO Mosey around AO back to cross; Pikachu and I instructed to pick up the 6 and Pikachu reminded crew what Catapult  is all about with “leaving no man behind”. It all makes us #HIM

D= Dry Docks- 25 IC- My form was terrible and thanks for keeping me accountable, Crabs

O= Outlaws- IC- 10 to left and 10 to the right- this was a new exercise for all PAX here. I had to refer to the Exicon for some guidance on some “O” exercise options.

U= Up-Downs- 5 on my down

L= Lunges- OYO- 20 single ct

S- Squats (tempo) IC- 20

Mosey back to COT


15 Freddies- IC O’Douls

15- Dying Cockroaches- IC Pikachu

2 mins of stretching OYO




Announcements-  10/29 -Freed to Bleed event, Q Source Zoom Call tonight led by One Call, Every Man a Warrior bible study on Fridays, Operation Christmas Child through November, 2.0 camping this weekend at MB State Park.

Pikachu prayed us out- unpsoken prayers for all

It was an honor to lead with my man, Pikachu, and be back to the gloom (feeling better) with my brothers!



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