#FreeBritney – “She Ain’t No Genie in a Bottle”

#FreeBritney – “She Ain’t No Genie in a Bottle”

Workout Date:





Beefsteak; Mrs Doubtfire, CrossStitch, Billy Blanks, King James, DoughBoy, Rousey, Pikachu, 1st Base, Candy Cane, Quaker (YHC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 43 Degrees . . .Perfect

YHC and 7 other Pax (CrossStich, Billy Blanks, Candy Cane, Brown Bag, BeefSteak, Rousey, & King James) got an early start to our Saturday. 4 Pax (CS, Billy, CC, & Q) met at Early Risers for our weekly Pre-run to the beatdown; 2 Pax (BS & BB) met at BombSquad and ran 2 miles down CF Blvd to meet the Early Riser Runners then return ran back to BombSquad; and 2 Pax (R & KJ) got 2 miles in around the AO or did Agility Work prior to the beatdown!

Arriving at the AO, our merry group of pre-dawn pre-runners were joined by Pikachu, 1st Base, Doughboy, and Mrs. Doubtfire. This was a strong group who were chomping at the bit to get this party started because a large slice of #CountryHam was waiting for us just over the horizon when the sun came up 1 hour from now! And just as importantly, Britney was free!!!

COP: 20 Hairy Rockets IC; 20 Imperial Walkers IC; 22 Merkins; 20 Tempo Squats; 20 LBAC IC; 20 LBAC in Reverse IC; 20 SSH IC



The Century Club – A series of exercises conducted as we mosey’d around the AO in preparation for today’s Main Event! Each time PAX stopped at a designated location, an exercise & rep count was called by YHC.

1st Stop – Large Parking Lot. . . 15 Yard Bear Crawl;  then 15 yd Bearcrawl; then 15 yd Bearcrawl; then 45 yd Bearcrawl; then 10 yd Bearcrawl.


2nd Stop – Bleachers at the Concession Stand . . .15 Step-ups OYO; 15 Step-ups OYO; 15 Step-ups OYO; 45 Step-ups OYO; 10 Step-ups OYO


3rd Stop – Back Parking lot . . . 15 Merkins OYO; 15 Merkins OYO; 15 Merkins OYO; 45 Merkins OYO; 10 Merkins OYO


4th Stop – Coupon Pile . . . 15 Block Curls OYO; 15 Block Curls OYO; 15 Block Curls OYO; 45 Block Curls; 10 Block Curls OYO OYO


5th Stop – Shovel Flag . . . 100 Single Count SSH

Note: 100 reps (or yds) were completed for each exercise.

The Main Event

The UnderQuaker – A seemingly simple series of exercises in which the PAX line up shoulder to shoulder. Pax #1 calls out and leads an exercise of his choice for 2 reps. The PAX then 3-2-1 sprint for 20-25 yrds and line up in the same order & Pax #2 calls out and leads an exercise of his choice for 4 reps, but only after Pax #1 leads his exercise again for 2 reps. We then 3-2-1 sprint for 20-25 yrds and Pax #3 calls out an exercise for 6 reps, but only after Pax #1 & Pax #2 lead their respective exercises. We continue this pattern until the last (Pax #11) calls out and leads his exercise of choice but not before every previous Pax leads his respective exercise and rep count.

There were a few 1st time participants for the UnderQuakers so some suggestions were made and since ERC (our usual lead off Pax) was DR in Africa, Billy Blanks was voluntold to begin with Burpees. The rest of the Pax were encouraged to use their discretion when calling an exercise (especially when we reached the bottom of the line-up), however each Pax was left to use his best judgement (and/or stupidity) when choosing an exercise. The exercises (with 3-2-1 Sprints in between) were as follows.

Line up Shoulder to Shoulder on the south end of Front Parking Lot

3-2-1 Sprint to the 1st light Pole

2 burbees – Billy Blanks

3-2-1 Sprint to the Cross

4 Monkey Humpers IC -CrossStich

3-2-1 Sprint to the Southeast corner of the Large Parking Lot

6 Mountain Climbers – BeefSteak

3-2-1 Sprint to the 1st light Pole of Large Parking Lot

8 Merkins – Mrs. Doubtfire

3-2-1 Sprint to the Northeast corner of the Large Parking Lot  . . . time to “Hinge”

10 Tempo Squats IC – Quaker

3-2-1 Sprint to the Entrance of the Baseball Fields . . .”Hinge once more”

12 SSH IC – King James

3-2-1 Sprint to the Southwest corner of the Large Parking Lot . . . “Swing the Gate Open” and face the Back Parking Lot

14 LBC IC -DoughBoy

3-2-1 Sprint to the Back Parking lot

16 Flutterkicks IC – 1st Base

3-2-1 Sprint to the corner of the Shed

18 Crunchy Frogs IC – Pikachu

3-2-1 Sprint to the 1st light in the Back Parking lot

20 Hand Release Merkins – Rousey

3-2-1 Sprint to the 2nd light in the Back Parking lot

22 Low Planks – Candy Cane

Mosey to the Shovel Flag

The Totals:

Burpees = 22

Monkey Humpers IC = 40

Mountain Climbers IC = 54

Merkins = 64

Tempo Squats IC = 70

SSH IC = 72

LBC IC = 70

Flutterkicks = 64

Crunchy Frogs = 54 (Note: only the 1st set was done in cadence, each set there after was single count – (who says Pikachu is an ‘Angry Elf’? Truth is, his heart is twice the size of his  . . . . persona!!)

Hand Release Merkins = 40

Low Plank – 22 seconds (sure he wanted to do something completely stupid & sadistic [like 22 Burpees] but time was expiring [as were the PAX] (YHC also thinks some of Pikachu’s big heart effected this final exercise)

6:59:50 – Time Called!!

Count-o-Rama = 11


Announcements: See Rousey’s last BackBlast! (Christmas Party; PL Turkey Trot; Ugly Sweater Convergence with F3Republic; Fostering Hope; Operation Christmas Box)


NMMS: This was another great Saturday BeatDown at BombSquad followed by fantastic fellowship at Early Risers with our main topics of discussion concerning family relationships, talkative M’s, and Britany Spears. Who knew that there were so many Britany fans among the Pax!! We discussed in depth our favorite songs, our favorite videos, our favorite hair styles, & our favorite memories growing up with Britney! Ask Pikachu why he thinks of Britney whenever he’s mowing the lawn (it has nothing  to do with his big heart!) We’re all so thankful that she is finally free!! (except CrossStich who wants to #UnfreeBritney because she never returned his texts!!)

Over & Out!!


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