Freedom Friday

Freedom Friday

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Kitten, Buffett, High Interest, Handy Manny, Hot Tub, Sunshine, Quaker, Marsha, Skid Marks, Novocaine (Respect!)

The Thang:

On this dark, cool observed Veterans’ Day, I pulled into the empty Village parking lot around 5:15. After about 5 minutes Novocaine pulled up. High Interest and Skid Marks then followed a few minutes later, followed by Buffett. It looked like there would only be the five of us on this cool morning… until Handy Manny, Hot Tub, Sunshine, and Quaker came jogging in all the way from Hulkamania. Marsha pulled in shortly before the one-minute warning was given to bring our group to ten. The disclaimer was given, and then this COP ensued (all in cadence, except where otherwise¬†noted):

20 ssh

20 lbac (forward and reverse)

15 ttt

20 imperial walkers

10 hand release merkins (oyo)

20 flutter kicks

20 lbc

20 American hammers

20 mountain climbers

22 merkins in memory of the 22 veterans who commit suicide daily (oyo)

Indian run in two lines of five around the perimeter of the property

The Thang:

Having gotten plenty warmed-up, we paired up and did a round of Dora 1-2-3 in one of the side parking lots (100 merkins, 200 sit-ups, 300 squats). This took up the bulk of our time.

After a short mosey to the playground, we split up between the picnic tables and the big square-ish bench on the playground for some dips. But then we realized we all really wanted to be close enough to smell each other, so we all circled up (as much as you can “circle” up inside a shape that is more of a square) and did tabata dips.

With our arms nice and tired, we moseyed to the basketball court wall for a nice long wall-sit. While everyone else sat, one PAX would run to the closest basketball goal, do three burpees, and then run back to the wall. Once all ten of us completed this task, we all moseyed back to the flag, and time was called.

Following the workout, our four Hulkamania runners carried the flag back with them as they ran. Depending on which runner you ask, there were either four cars that honked at them or 30. Upcoming Qs may want to include counting practice in future workouts.

It was great having three of our FNGs from Tuesday back at it today. Special props to Novocaine for pushing through and for all the other PAX picking up the six time and time again. It is still a great time to invite new FNGs, so let’s get to it!

The only announcement was about the Christmas party, which is December 9. I should probably be sharing the time and location, but apparently my cat paws turned off the video before capturing that information. If you want to find out the time, location, and cost, show up at the Village next Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday at 5:30.

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