Freedom Fridays

Freedom Fridays

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Hottub, Handy Manny, Quaker, Sunshine


Hottub, Handy Manny, Quaker, Sunshine, Kitten

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 48 degrees, damp

Quaker rolled up at the Hulk at 5:05 and saw Hottub & Handy already stretching. Apparently only shorts & a light jacket were required this cool morning so I removed several layers and joined the others. Sunshine came in hot just under our designated start time of 5:10. He apparently came in so hot that he’d forgotten his running shorts altogether! No time to waste . . . the headlamps were lit & we were off!


Run the bridge over to the “Y”, across Bypass 17, and arrive at the Village for a beatdown by Kitten. We had 15 minutes to cover 1.7 miles! The pace was brisk (8 1/2  minute mile). We arrived at the Village for greetings and the 1 minute warning. . . the beatdown began!

After the beatdown, High Interest & Sunshine debated who would take the Shovel Flag, Quaker joked that we should just take it and run it back to the Hulk with us. Sunshine thought the “joke” was an excellent idea and immediately snatched up the Shovel Flag for it’s bipedal journey home.

Each PAX took a turn running with the Flag as we headed back to the Hulk. As we crossed 17 horns began to honk in our support. . .more horns honked as we neared the YMCA & up and over the bridge. . . As we descended the back 1/2 of the bridge, we saw a man (possible EH) rounding the corner and running towards the group . . . as he neared we realized this was no ordinary man, but it was none other then Kitten! The Village Q. He too had also been inspired and came to join us for the final 1/4 mile.  the Shovel Flag was passed and we completed our run (3.4 miles in total).

Our pace was was to be slower on the way back but Ol’ Glory inspired us as we ran! Our feet were lighter and our spirits ran high. We all agreed that running with the Flag should be shared every week and “Freedom Fridays” was born!!

Moleskin:  Every week I look forward to running with my brothers at Hulkamania. When we began our run group it was for a new challenge .. .run 3 miles. I didn’t even know if I could make this distance (I was never a ‘runner’). This challenge was quickly conquered and our mileage increased to 4, then 5, then 6 miles. Then the next challenge was laid down – The Marine Mud Run (10K 35 obstacles) . . . Challenge Conquered! Then at Sunshine’s Birthday the next marker was set . . . Myrtle Beach Mini-Marathon (13.1 miles)  . . . Challenge was Conquered! Now we have a new challenge, one that’s not measured in miles but measured by our leadership . . . Freedom Fridays!!!

Quaker, Aye


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