Freedom to Choose

Freedom to Choose

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War Eagle (Kotter); Texas Ranger; Brown Bag; Castaway; ERC; Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Village

Conditions: 37 degrees, balmy

Yesterday (11.2.2020) YHC did his civic duty and spent 1.5 hours waiting in line to his vote. The thermometer read 45 degrees but there was a steady wind blowing. YHC got in line at 6:59 and was behind 15 other brave souls. The sun may have been shining this morning but it was freezing cold . . .it was definitely below zero with the wind chill! By the time the doors opened, there was a line of hundreds of people that wound through the Community Center parking lot, out the entrance, and down Carolina Forest Blvd. It was a beautiful site to see! This sight has been happening not only locally for weeks but all across the country as Americans flexed their freedom to vote!

Why am I talking about yesterday? Because today (11.3.2020) is Election Day! The thermometer read 37 degrees! So I braced myself for the worse: not only for the cold but also for what may transpire after the votes are counted. Although YHC could not control the outcome of the election, I could control my wardrobe & therefore layered up and then layered up some more! I thought the ocean breeze would make the The Village conditions even worse than yesterday, but when I step out into the Gloom, it felt almost balmy. How could this be? Maybe YHC was just euphoric because election day had finally arrived! As I drove down International then onto Grissom, and finally onto 17 Bypass I was sure the temp would dip, but lo & behold it remained constant! At the Village there was no breeze whatsoever. There was a calm across the land.

YHC opened the Village Gate and was followed immediately into the parking lot by Texas Ranger. This was a good sign. Next to arrive was our newly minted AOQ Castaway. As the Shovel Flag was planted, an unfamiliar truck pulled into the lot, and out stepped War Eagle (#Kotters). He hasn’t been to a workout since prior to Covid. He said he was waiting for the cold weather (& Election Day) to make his return. LOL. Brown Bag rolled up next, then ERC arrived with a few minutes before the 1 minute warning!!

A call went out last night by Castaway & Brown Bag for all PAX to study up on Election Day Trivia because YHC was on Q. I wasn’t initially planning any trivia this morning but did some research, too. You gotta give the people what they want. Before the 1 minute warning YHC casually asked each PAX if they did their homework last night. Everyone acknowledged they had done some of the assignment, except War Eagle (he would have to shot from the hip).

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 20 SSH IC; 22 Merkins IC; 15 Windmills IC; 15 TTT IC; 15 Tempo Squats

Warm-up mosey around the large parking lot. Castaway and War Eagle were impressed by my layered look & made numerous compliments/comments about hoodie with a sleeveless pullover and my sweatpants from the 80’s. All I knew as that I was toasty in this garb (almost too toasty). As we circled back to the soccer field fence we all lined up shoulder to shoulder and the fun began.


Every Vote Counts

Because everyone had read up on election day trivia, YHC asked each PAX to ask the group a trivia question that they learned last evening. These were the rules: Whoever answered the Trivia Question correctly would call out & lead the entire group in an exercise. If no one knew the answer then the Questioning PAX would call out & lead the PAX. In between each Trivia Question/Exercise all PAX would lunge walk 25 yrds. If a PAX answered a question correctly, he was barred from answering the next question. There were 6 PAX and therefore 6 exercise locations designated as we lunge walked around the large parking lot (6 x 25 yrds = 150 total yrds per lap)

Brown Bag was 1st to step up and ask a question.

Q1: What was the name of the Presidential Contender that got the least Electoral Votes and what state did he win? (he was beaten 49 states to 1 state)

A1: Walter Mondale (1984 versus Reagan). . . he won his home state of Minnesota

Note: This was a good question to get us started but the PAX thought it was too easy!!

25 yrd Lunge Walk

Exercise #1 – 5 Burpees (easy question = easy exercise)

Q2: Texas Ranger: Name one of three Presidents assassinated while in Office

A2: Castaway stated that the answer has to have something to do with Texas and answered: JFK & the book depository

Note: everyone else was thinking the obvious: . . .William McKinley . . . Just Kidding . . .Honest Abe Lincoln was the overwhelming answer.

25 yrd Lunge Walk

Exercise #2 – 15 Hand Release Merkins (NOTE: the cold blacktop felt much better then the wet turf experienced during the Halloween Convergence, especially if your name is Hunter Biden & you’re wearing an unbuttoned denim shirt!)

Q#3 – Castaway took his turn at the trivia & thought he went deep into the archives & would stump the PAX with this, “Which future President used the Campaign Motto ‘I Like Ike’?”

A#3 – To Castaway’s surprise all PAX chimed in “Dwight D. Eisenhower” (NOTE: In Castaway’s defense he is only 24 years old and the Eisenhower Presidency was all the way back in the mid 1900’s)

25 yrd Lunge Walk

Exercise #3 – 25 Big Boy Situps – need to get a total of 100 BBS in for the November Challenge

Q#4 – ERC was very excited to deliver the next question(s)? “In 1964 a song was made about a cartoon character about the upcoming election . . . name the cartoon character.” (NOTE: everyone looked at each other with the same dumbfound expression . . . WTF??) Because of our Cluelessness, ERC gave us a clue that the cartoon character was a dog (beagle) . . .

A#4 – YHC chimed in with Snoopy!! Correct Answer

25 yrd Lunge Walk

Exercise #4 – 20 Mountain Climbers IC

Q#5 – It was War Eagle’s “Time to Shine” . . ., “Who was the 3rd party candidate in the 2004 election?” (NOTE: This was George W Bush v. John Kerry) . . .Apparently War Eagle got his Bushes mixed up (and the Year) . . .He was actually asking who was the 3rd Party candidate in 1992

A#5 – Ross Perot was the answer (Perot’s running mate, Admiral Stockdale, during the VP debate famously stated, “Who am I? Why am I here?”)

25 yrd Lunge Walk

Exercise #5 – 25 BBS OYO

Q#6 – How many  electoral votes does it take to win the Presidency & who breaks a tie? (NOTE: this was not one of the questions asked, I just can’t remember the actual question)

A#6 – 270 Electoral Votes. . .if there is a tie, the House of Representatives (i.e. Nancy Pelosi) decides who is President.

25 yrd Lunge Walk

Exercise #6 – 20 Plank Jacks IC

Q#7 – Texas Ranger, “What percentage of the Vote did Washington win in the 1st Presidential Election?”

A#7 – 100%

25 yrd Lunge Walk

Exercise#7 – 10 Burpees

Q#8 – Brown Bag, “Who was the only Pennsylvanian to be elected president?”

A#8 – Quaker nails it, “James Buchanan” (NOTE: YHC had no idea, just cleared his mind and blurted out the 1st name that popped into the void!!)

25 yrd Lunge Walk

Exercise #8 – 20 Tempo Squats IC

Q#9 – Castaway (not to be outdone), “Who is the only President from the Great State of South Carolina?” . . . This was the 1st time no PAX had an answer . . .

A#9 – Andrew Jackson, he was “born in the backwoods region between North & South Carolina”

25 yrd Lunge Walk

Exercise #9 – 25 BBS

Q#10 – Quaker, “How did the Democrat Party adopt the Donkey as their Mascot”

A#10 – (A lot of the PAX had the answer on the tip of their tongue, but no one verbalized it). During Andrew Jacksons Presidential Campaign in 1828 his political opponents called him a jackass. Rather then run from the moniker, he was amused and adopted the donkey as his symbol on his campaign posters and the rest is history.

25 yrd Lunge Walk

Exercise #10 – 10 Burpees

Q#11 –ERC, “During the contested election of 2004 (Bush v. Kerry) the voting in this stated was so close there had to be a recount.”

A#11 – Ohio (After the recount, Bush won by 2.1%)

25 yrd Lunge Walk

Exercise #11 – Colt 45’s followed by 5 Blockees (Why not??)

Q#12 – What Constitutional Amended granted women the right to vote

A#12 – Everyone got this right!! . . .The 19th Amendment

25 yrd Lunge Walk

Speed Round (Trivia + Sprints)

Q# 13 “Who was oldest person elected president for the 1st time (not re-elected) . . . Trump (70 years old). . . 3-2-1 GO! . . .50% sprint to opposite side of large parking lot (approximately 50 yrds)

NOTE: (Reagan was the oldest person who served as president . . .77 years old)(NOTE if Biden is elected he will be the oldest to first win election and the oldest to serve as president . . . 78 years old)

Q#14 – “Who was youngest person elected president for the 1st time (not re-elected) . . . JFK (43 years old). . . 3-2-1 GO! . . .75% sprint to opposite side of large parking lot (approximately 50 yrds)

NOTE: (Teddy Roosevelt was the youngest person who served as president . . .42 years old)

Q#15 – “Who was the 1st Female VP Nominee” . . . Geraldine Ferraro (1984) . . . 3-2-1 GO! . . .85% sprint to opposite side of large parking lot (approximately 50 yrds)

NOTE: This was the same election in which the Democrats only won 1 state

Q#16 – “Who is the only President and Vice President never elected to office” . . . Gerald Ford . . . 3-2-1 GO! . . .95% sprint to opposite side of large parking lot (approximately 50 yrds)

NOTE: Gerald Ford became VP when Spiro Agnew resigned (10/10/1973)and then he became President less than 1 year later when Richard Nixon resigned (8/8/1974).

Q#17 – What % of voting population votes for the President . . . 63% . . .What percentage vote in the Midterm elections . . . 40% . . .what percentage vote in local elections . . .26% . . . 3-2-1 GO! . . .100% sprint to opposite side of large parking lot (approximately 50 yrds) (NOTE: All Politics is Local: And Other Rules of the Game – See Tip O’Neals book for details)

Question#18 – What is it called when the leaders of each political party compete to become president . . . A Presidential Race ) . . 3-2-1 GO! . . .105% sprint to opposite side of large parking lot (approximately 50 yrds)

Circle Up in front of the Shovel Flags

25 BBS to complete 100 for the day

6:00 – Time Called

Count-o-Rama = 6


Announcements: F3 Camping weekend (11/6/2020)(Check Slack for details); Get on the Q sheet

Prayer: for Headgear and his family; Prayers for our Country; Prayers unspoken for all PAX

Moleskin: Honor to lead and learn from these men daily. Great seeing War Eagle back out in the Gloom. Remember that after the election is all said and done your neighbor will still be your neighbor, your family will still be your family, and our country will still be the greatest nation that ever existed, therefore be passionate but respectful. Put your faith in God not in men and let God’s will be done!!







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