Freedom Tuesday

Freedom Tuesday

Workout Date:



Handy Manny


High interest, Barkley, Flyover, Sunshine, Kitten, Hottub

The Thang:

Conditions: Low 40’s perfect.

3 pax met at the hulk for Freedom Tuesday prerun. Thanks Flyover for the tweet to get some pax committed.


  • 30 SSH IC
  • 20 TTT IC
  • 15 Windmills IC
  • 20 Imperial walkers IC
  • 25 slow & low squats IC
  • Plank
  • 25 Shoulder taps
  • 2 slow Merkin holds

Warmup lap

The Thang

Partner up

4×4’s while other partner runs lap

Flap jack (3 rounds AYG)

To the benches for dips ring of fire

To the basketball court for

Lt Dan’s (1 lunge 4 squat)

Jump squats ring of fire

Back to the Partner laps (Burpees)

Everyone said this was their favorite

Indian Run wait no Burpee broad jumps


  • 25 LBC IC
  • 25 flutter kicks IC
  • 25 box cutters IC
  • 15 big boys oyo
  • 3 minutes plank


Announcements:(stole from Onecalls BB)

Be sure to check out our regional website.  All local information is on that!
– Tons going on!!
– Thanksgiving – this Thursday – #Warthog will have a PAX and 2.0 friendly football game from 0700-0800.  #TheVillage is on normal 0530-0615 beatdown schedule.  #Timeshare will close and converge at #TheVillage – men can use the 15 minute later start time to drive down there
– #Timeshare shirt order!  See here.  Deadline is in 2 days!!
– December 9 – Saturday – 3rd annual F3GrandStrand Christmas Party!! Bound to be epic!! HC Now!! 6-10 PM. See here.
– December 16 – Ugly Christmas Sweater Convergence workout at #Warthog – this one is always a blast! Be there!! Don’t miss being in that picture!
– See here for our local contribution to Operation Christmas Child. #T-Claps to Peterbilt and Crankbait
– Hoser has stepped down as Weasel Shaker as his awesome work promotion has taken a lot of his previously free time.  Be sure to thank him for all of his hard work as Weasel Shaker – it’s a thankless job a lot of times, but it is essential to having the region operate smoothly.  Bling is our new Weasel Shaker!!  CONGRATS!  Now, get the Q sheet filled and get guys writing their backblast!

#WaveRucker will become an official sub-AO – starting on Wednesday, December 13 at #Warthog.  0430-0615.  4 mile either pre or post ruck (Q’s choice), with a 45 minute RUCK WOD.  Hoser will be AOQ of this!

Moleskin: Always a pleasure to lead. Thanks to the pax for the pre-post run.



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