Friday Night Run??

Friday Night Run??

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The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania (The Hulk)
Time: 6:15pm

So YHC has been really starting to crank up some mileage, that is by YHC’s standards anyway to train for the P200.  Got in a solid 4.85 miles on Tuesday running to the Village and back with Sade’ and Quaker, 3.53 miles on Wednesday evening in the neighborhood with Skidmark and Poe, and so now was my chance to stretch out for a longer run.
About 2:00 in the afternoon on Friday YHC get’s the idea to text Skidmark and Poe… Hey y’all want to run around 5:30 in the neighborhood? Skidmark “heck yeah”, Poe “can’t go until around 6:00.  Skidmark “let’s run from the Hulk”.  YHC “Ok sounds good”.  Skidmark puts the group text out to the other P200 studs and we eventually get a text from Quaker right around 6 he’s on his way.  At the Hulk I just come right out and say I need to get in around 5 good ones but want to do another route besides to the beach and back.  Skidmark says “The Grand Dunes run is just a little over 5 miles I believe”, YHC “Ok Let’s do it”, Quaker and Poe say yeah let’s get going and we’re off!!

I won’t detail every turn during the 6.6 mile loop (not “a little over 5 like Skidmark suggested”) but the run went something like this:
– YHC comes out the gate slow (10 min mile pace) knowing YHC needs to make the 5 mile mark and just want to make sure YHC doesn’t  have to walk at all.
– The rest of the Pax come out the gate like race horses (8:15 pace or so).
– Over the first couple of miles Skidmark and Quaker take a turn doubling back for me.
– After that Poe joined me at my pace for the rest of the way out which I appreciated and also got a chance to get to know him better.  Talked about work, vacations with family etc.
– Skidmark and Quaker stayed ahead of YHC and Poe and doubled back a time or two over the stretch and we all finished strong after a little over an hour’s run.

Overall a really good run with a good group of Hulkamaniac’s!  I really appreciate the push as I have not been a big runner and never really done anything over a 10K race before.  Looking forward to continuing my training and pushing for extra miles and a faster pace!

Iron Sharpens Iron!💪

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