Friends Share Their Toys

Friends Share Their Toys

Workout Date:





Beefsteak, Lombardi (R), Kiwi (2xR), First Base, Jetah, ERC, Rousey (R), Judge Judy, Pikachu, Teddy Toe Touch, Elmers (R), Rubber, Candy Cane, Mrs. Doubtfire, Quaker (R)

The Thang:

A wise sage once told me about events outside of our control: “not my monkeys, not my circus”. Unfortunately, it is my circus and these monkeys are out of control.

My VQ was 4 months ago almost to the day (10/25/21). Today is Billy Blanks (YHC 2.0) 14th birthday, so in his honor, we did many things at the rep of 14. His consistent participation in F3 and the overwhelming support and encouragement from the PAX has led to him being on the track team, so we don’t see him as often in the gloom. The same is true for you as it is for him- whether you can make it out consistently or occasionally, whether you are “in shape” or far from it:

You 👏 are 👏 welcome 👏 here.


I’m not sure I can keep track of all of the pre-game activities, Kiwi and First Base were running around the AO, Quaker and Candy Cane ran from Early Risers, Beefsteak ran from AO to meet Early Riser runners halfway and returned with them, Pikachu was training for Ukraine militia doing his virtual 10k (which Candy Cane caught up with him after arriving from Early Risers), Jetah and YHC rucked a bit (with Elmers walked with us).



YHC gave one minute warning, then began promptly with the mission statement (stated incorrectly by 2nd F Q Jetah) which sparked a moment of strong debate (it’s probably good that Pikachu was still finishing up his run or he would have crushed some skulls)- pasted from website, emphasis added: Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. Since Billy Blanks turns 14 today (YHC 2.0) we did most things to the count of 14. SSH, arm circles, cherry pickers, arm circles reverse, seal claps, windmills, etc: Nothing special for warm up, things got “special” later. Teddy Toe Touch arrived a little late, but as Quaker told him, it’s better to be late and join the party than to just stay at home.

The Pre-Thang

Mosey to street, guess what? 14 monkey humpers to perplex the innocent bystanders, 14 planks jacks. Mosey back to flag to pick up speaker, then mosey to cross for 14 rocky balboas and PAX choice (Lombardi, who is close like a brother, so close that I couldnt find him for a second because he was so close to me) 14 elevated merkins. Mosey to bleachers, 14 step ups and 14 dips. Mosey to coupon pile.

The Thang

This is my first beatdown using other coupons besides blocks, and we used all of the toys. Broke up into 3 groups to rotate through circuit.

Station 1: Tires (and other toys)- flip them, carry them, do something.

Station 2: Blocks- PAX choice of exercises, in cadence or AMRAP, whatever floats your boat.

Station 3: Mosey around AO, when you return, take over Station 1, then that group moves to Station 2, then that group moves to Station 3. This group acts as the timer for the rotation

We did three rounds of this rotation, Station 3 progressed from slow mosey to indian run to rifle carry. Station 2 stayed consistent with their block activities. Station 1 got creative with carrying and flipping the wooden light poles, flipping objects way out into the field for the next group to have to retrieve.

Notable events: Kiwi and Rubber successfully played horseshoes with tires and cinder blocks. One group was seen standing around the blocks chatting, then upon seeing YHC return from mosey, promptly picked up blocks and exercised as if they had been doing it the whole time. That same group was later seen sitting in a circle during their block station having a “spiritual discussion”. Pikachu and Judge Judy are starting a podcast called “Straight Outta Aynor” since JJ’s accent sometimes sounds like a banjo playing. One group flipped the tire all the way out in the field for the next group to retrieve. Elmers got a haircut and looks a little less like a mad scientist (TCLAPS to him, his increase in fitness could only be compared to a Rocky movie montage).

Circle of Trust

Take a moment to stretch OYO, Count O Rama, Name O Rama, prayers and praises shared. Vote for Judge Judy for Judge of dead people or something. Announcements a’plenty, check slack and go bowling tonight.


Saturday mornings are a peak of my week. I love being proactive with my weekend and getting out there and getting a little bit better. There are things happening in this world that are beyond our control, our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine and the many affected beyond that. We have much to appreciate and shouldn’t take for granted, even something as simple as sharing our lives with friends and getting a little exercise.

Coffeteria included about 12 PAX, have a great weekend.

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  1. First off great beatdown with the tires and log! Second, YHC (and 1 x RESPECT) put in a 5K pre-run at a scorching 12 min. pace. Third, YHC lead the Pax in “14 Burpees” because Billy Blanks would have nothing less! Fourth, I’m still sore.

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