Workout Date:





Gaucho, Brown Bag (1 x R), Single Barrel, Rocky Top, Sade' and El Red Cardo

The Thang:

Conditions: Low 70s, very nice…perfect for today’s workout!

YHC/QIC figured that with all the solid beatdowns throughout the week that we’d change things up today and do 1/2 workout and 1/2 Ultimate Frisbee (F3 style of course) this Saturday morning at #BombSquad.  6 #HIM showed up, tunes were provided and we did this:

One minute warning…welcome to F3, mission, disclaimer.

Warm Up:
IC 15 – 20 reps. of SSHs, TTTs, Imperial Walkers, and LBACs CCW & CW.

SEGMENT 1: B.O.M.B.S. Circuit

Pax moseyed to the CFCC football field stopping at the nearby #coupon pile along the way to pick up 1 paver stone per team.  Pax partnered up 2×2; typical DORA 123 format. Partner 1 would start doing the prescribed exercise; Partner 2 would run the length of the short field and back; swap out; R&R until all the required team total of reps. for that exercise were finished.  The exercises were 50 (B)lockees, (O)n your 6 for 100 4-ct. Flutter Kicks (w/ stone overhead), 100 (M)erkins (staggered on the stone), 100 (B)ig Boy Sit Ups (BBSUS; strict form, hands in back of your head w/ fingers interlaced, and shoulders touching ground and breaking plane of bent knees on the “up”) partner assist – no running protocol here; and 100 (S)quats (weighted w/ stone).

SEGMENT 2: Ultimate Frisbee (UF)/Frisburpee

Typical UF game rules, but modified slightly w/ everyone doing a Burpee if the Frisbee hit the ground.  Frisburpee.  Teams were formed and with an odd number YHC became full time quarterback (again dropping dimes).  We played a few games, laughing, applauding feats of athleticism (mostly by ERC), and no one got injured.  Rocky Top was the chief strategist for his team; Brown Bag moves and throws like a 20 y.o.; Single Barrel is coming out of his shell talking a little trash to YHC (probably well deserved), but becoming more & more a “regular”; and Sade’ and Gaucho contested each other on several deep balls out “Moss” ing one another.  We had fun and could have played a few more games, but YHC had to leave early to take his 2.0 (King James) to his football game.  Brown Bag wrapped things up for YHC…thanks!!


Count-O-Rama 7
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: Check out F3 Grandstrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Plenty of 1st F, 2nd F and 3rd F opportunities and events throughout the region.  Do your back blasts.  Get a little uncomfortable and Q, or Q somewhere else…maybe even outside of the region, and help out the other Fs!

NMMS: Great work this morning on the circuit. The strict form BBSUs were #crowdpleasers and quickly let us know how poor our form was when having to do them right (YHC guilty here). Thanks for obliging me on playing UF/Frisburpee instead of 30 more minutes of typical beatdown stuff; calories were still burned.  Great camaraderie this morning and iron was sharpened!



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