Full body Beat down!!

Full body Beat down!!

Workout Date:





Brown bag ( respect), Headgear, Spork, Beefstake, shaday, Humback

The Thang:

70ish…. humid , mosquitoes everywhere

If the workout didn’t kill you the west Nile would have.
BRO the bugs this morning…..

I showed up early about 0515 started relocating the coupons and whatever else I had set up for this mornings workout in the back parking lot

Cinderblocks, the cut up telephone poles, sand bag. Just to bring some variety to the mix.

Spork and BeefStake showed up and I was thinking! Is this it! Two!?
I felt better to see everyone didn’t fart sack and showed up at 5:30.
Disclaimer given and the THANG is on!


25 SSH

5 burpees

15 Imperial walkers.

22 merkins OYO

15 tempo squat

20 LbAC forward

20 LbAC revers

Cherry pickers

Mosey around parking lot.

To where I had already set up a plethora of fun stuff.

Coupons ,cinderblocks, sandbags ,!and some cut up telephone pole pieces.

5 min timers

Full body beat down


Merkins 15

Wide arm merkins 15

Diamond merkins 15

Switch arm  10


Single are block pulls 20 each arm

Swings 20

10 bus drivers

Single are farmer caries


Single arm press 10 each arm

Over head press 30

Forward raise and lower



Single legs off curb with or with out block.

Farmer carry one are down to end

Switch hands coming back.


25 curls

25 triceps

25 flutter kicks.

we ran out our time for the abs… so no six pack for you this summer.

Would have been

20 flutters  with blocks

20 BB

10 pretzel crunches

10 American hammers

fun stuff today boys. Thanks for letting me Q somewhere else.



5 year at warthog 0700 bring a bag of Non-perishable food items nonperishable food items, Coffee afterwards and some Info for Beachblocks and bells… Friday’s 0515 at the beach. Check slack for details.

pray request. Long story short. A childhood friend and close family member of mine 34 years old had a seizure died Sunday morning. Please pray for the Hamm/Bright family.
Prayed for the divide and craziness in our country and that all would look to Jesus.

Sirs, It’s a always a Honor to lead and make myself and you better.
May you write your worries in the sand,

Chisel your victories in stone




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