Full Body Burner

Full Body Burner

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Candy Cane


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The Thang:

So in order to keep up with the idea that The Plank is some tough AO that nobody wants to venture out and try other than a select few YHC came up with a full body workout for today as we were doing the 5K prerun before the beatdown (yes it was last minute but thats how i roll).

This morning started out hectic and I lost track of time which resulted in me pulling into the AO on two wheels with 3 pax already heading out to get their points (we all know this 5K prerun thing is for the challenge so lets call it what it is). YHC caught up with the group and the planning for the beatdown began. Once we finished our 3.1 I realized we were up to 8 total and let everyone know we needed the pullup bars at the 50 and blocks at the end zone. As I was walking up with my custom block made by Cross Stich which was from the previous challenge I won the proper disclaimer and statement was said and the beatdown began.

We started off with a lap around the track where YHC explained that we were doing 4 rounds of 4 exercises at each end zone and 8 pull ups as we passed the 50 when running from one end zone to the other. One end zone had a set of 25 UHauls, 25 OHPs, 25 2Count Mountain Climbers, and 25 BBSUs. The other end zone consisted of 25 Jump Squats, 25 Speed Skaters (with palm touching the ground so we didn’t cheat ourselves), 25 American Hammers, 25 LBCs. As a bonus and since certain pax had complained about the 25 UHauls I decided to take advantage of the remaining 5 minutes and get in 15 burpees and stairs till it was time. 

2nd F options were mentioned for announcements and Cyclone prayed is out.