Geno & OneCall just wanna have fun!

Geno & OneCall just wanna have fun!

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High Interest


Hoser, Geno, Peterbilt, Valvano, OneCall, High Interest (QIC)

The Thang:

With the Darby Challenge having kicked off and needing to get miles in during February, YHC signed up to Q WaveRucker to ensure that we got some miles in. There was very little chatter this week about WaveRucker, other than Rousey, Bling and Bluegrass letting us know they wouldn’t be attending. As of Tuesday night, the only HC were OneCall and Valvano, so I wasn’t sure what to expect this morning. It was a nice surprise to see Peterbilt, Geno and Hoser already in the lot when YHC arrived in the gloom.

OneCall brought 2 sandbags (45 and 60 pounds) and I brought 2 cinder-blocks to add a little awkwardness to coupons. Much like the bucket Studebaker brought a few weeks ago, the cinder-blocks weren’t the heaviest, there was just no ideal way to carry them (bucket was much suckier though). 4 coupons, 6 PAX – good to go.

Headed out from Forbus, switching coupons every half mile. Pace was right at 16 minutes/mile all the way to Warbird Park.

Once we reached the planes, we circled up for a little PT:

All Pax plank, merkin countdown starting at 5, and ending with 5 instead of 1 on the last round.
All pax hold Al Gore while the cinder-block was passed for 20 overhead press per pax.
Flutter kicks x 35IC with ruck hold
All pax hold Al Gore while the cinder-block was passed for 20 curls.

Valvano requested we be back at Forbus between 5:45 & 6:00 so he could depart, so we grabbed the coupons and headed back taking the same route. Pace slowed a bit but was still plenty quick with the 60lb sandbag in tow. With a 1/4 mile left, Geno came through with what I thought would be the highlight of the workout for OneCall when he fired up ‘Fight Song”! YHC was very wrong about that being the highlight.

We made it back to Forbus and Valvano took off but it was only 5:50 so I called for more PT over at the #BeachBells field.

All pax line up and hold plank, Pax 1 lunge walk down to 2 waiting cinderblocks and farmer’s carry them back to planking pax. Pax 2 farmer’s carries the the blocks back to their original location and then lunge walks back. Worked our way through the line with this.

Geno was the first pax to go through the rotation, which gave him too much time to come up with another song for the group. He settled on “Girls just wanna have fun!” much to the delight of FiA who was wrapping up their workout in the parking lot. Before I knew what was happening, Geno and One Call were side by side dancing in sync to the entire song. YHC had lost complete control of the workout and called it at this point. If you had question about just how white Geno and OneCall are, ask them to dance for you. #sowhite.

All in all, we got in 4 miles, some PT and got a quick choreographed dance routine. You never know what you’ll miss if you don’t post at #WaveRucker.

Also be sure to ask Geno about his new Snapchat account when you see him.

Always an honor to lead!

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  1. HAHAHA!! 1. Awesome BB. 2. Awesome Q. 3. Geno and I are AMAZING dancers. To on the spot hit those moves in sync with no prior prep – Heck yeah!!! And just think, I have the Q Valentine’s Day #WaverRucker Q…..

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