Get Busy Livin or Get Busy Die’n

Get Busy Livin or Get Busy Die’n

Workout Date:





Franklin, Hamburglar, Spork, Jingles (Respect), Billboard ( respect), Lombardi, Gino, Fergie,

The Thang:

Today’s  Back-blast.
for new Qs, the thang I needed today…. Prep, Prep, if you decide to do a work out with stuff. Example blocks, barbells, bells. Set your stuff up before you Q.
It will help you PAX feel more in line with the work out.

One for Pre run.
I did not  care that  it was raining. I have no choice should be your outlook this morning and the rest of your days.

5 QSource take the red pill

Warthog. Wet, rain 58 68% Humidity

I walked the parking lot like a wet lion. Ready to get after it. I advised everyone to sit in the cars, and @ 0515 we would grab the “gear” blocks, rucks, and one sandbag.

0515 already mumble chatter  on the Q for not being prepared and set up.
we all grabbed something and headed to the parking garage.


SSH 25

Hillbillies 15

22 Merkins OYO

LbAC 20 forward

Cherry pickers 20

LbAC 20 reverse

10 diamond Merkins

5 burpees


set up stations with Blocks and one ruck plate. Timer to switch was the man with the 40 pound bag.

Man with the bag ran up the parking deck touched back wall and came back down.
stations where as followed.

1 round




Block Merkins.

Flutter kicks with ruck plate

Carolina dry docks

and Rocky Balboa’s

and burpees

2nd round



you had the option of curls or Tri press

more Block Merkins

more flutter kicks with plate



Lombardi is one man I Highly respect the man that doesn’t speak much but when he does…. I listen.
critiques me on being better prepared and having music for such an occasion. Well noted sir….

we got through 2 rounds and I had an AB killer set up.
30 funky Buddha, hatchling butter fly sit ups.

20 Big Boys OYO

plank 15 secs

10 American Hammers

5 flutter kicks 4 count in Cadence.

stacked everything up, and gathered for a beautiful family photo….

Grabbed all the gear and moved back to AO

count off. Announcements

Q source, after

Name O Rama

prayed Spoken and Unspoken.

My message today. all credit to Franklin

Get busy Livin, or Get Busy Die’n

You do not have a choice take the Red pill get out of your Fartsack and make your self better.
Something flipped in me Sunday. I don’t have a choice anymore, there is not finish line, there is no stopping.
You ether win, or your lose. But very day you get better.
Gentlemen make everyday worth it. Do not wonder what if. Do not wonder wish I could’ve wish I would’ve….. No excuses. Be the Man that makes every other man look ordinary.

To the guys this morning. Thanks for make it me better. To work harder and be a better leader.

Honor to lead



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