Get Up and Repeat!

Get Up and Repeat!

Workout Date:





OneCall, Bling, Lombardi, Valvano, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: WaveRucker

Conditions: 37 degrees, clear

Still trying to Q at every AO.  For January, my new AOs were BeachBells and today, WaveRucker. I got on the Q sheet early and spent a little time during the month coming up with ideas.  My back has been a little tight so couple of days out, I thought I would have to pass this one off but I was feeling good enough so went with it.  I put a call out for sand bags: 40 – 60 – 80.  5 Pax in the parking lot at go time so let’s leave the 80 behind and bring my awkward 50 instead.

3 Sand Bags for 5 PAX.  60lb x2.  50 lb x1.

Rucks on.  Drop Sandbags.

1 lap around the track.

Drop Ruck.

2 Laps AFAP

Rucks on.  Grab a Sandbag.

Ruck out down Forbus Ct for a left on Farrow Pkwy.  Left on Meyers.  Switching off on sandbags as we go.  Left on Pampas.  Left on Howard Ave.  Head to Valor Park.

Partner up.  Drop Ruck and sandbags.

1 PAX runs down the portico and back while the other pax does AMRAP of:

-Sandbag get ups (or use your ruck).

-Sandbag Cleans and Squat.

-8 Count BodyBuilders.

For 2 sets.

Rucks on.  Grab a bag.  Head to the Lake and head right going around the lake to the playground switching bags as we go.

Drop Sandbags.

PAX choice of rucks on or off.

-6 pull-ups.

-6 burpees.

-6 4-count mountain climbers

-6 pull-ups

-6 burpees

Grab and bag and head back to the start point for COT.

No announcements.

Prayers spoken and unspoken led by Lombardi.

Hope everyone had a great workout.  This being my first WaveRucker Q, I wanted to be sure expectations were met.  There is a technique to those sandbag get ups but they are hard.  The sandbag clean and squats are part of The Standard for Team Assessment.  Cadre DS posted a video with 80lbs and another GRT I met at the Bragg GR CAR event posted a video with he and his M doing those with 60lbs while they were on vacation so I thought I would give it a shot.  I was hoping to get a couple of full sets of Robbie Millers but time was running short so that part was condensed.  I chose the longer ruck around the lake instead.  It was 37 degrees and I sweat through 3 layers and was breathing hard so I hope everyone else felt good about this one!  Thank you all.  It’s an honor to lead!


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