Getting Back Into the Routine

Getting Back Into the Routine

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Spinal Tap, Karma, Texas Ranger (YHC)

The Thang:


40 and rainy

Well its a new year and its time to get back into a routine for YHC. Fresh off a DR hiatus in December, I looked at the Q sheet for January and was surprised to see some openings. Nothing forces you to get back into it then signing up to Q (Slack messages from Flash telling you to Q also help) #Accountability.  Looking at the forecast, cold + rain is typically not great for a large turnout (I know… I’m surprised too), but its the #MotherShip and they usually have great numbers. Arrived at the AO about 15 min early and the conditions definitely dictated a garage day. Was happy to see Karma and Spinal Tap show up, undeterred by the elements.

1 Minute Warning

Mosey to the garage!



SSH x 20 IC, Merkins x 10 OYO, LBAC x 15 IC, LBAC IR x 15 IC, 10 Merkins x 10 OYO,TTT x 20 IC, IW x 20IC

The THANG – 

Let’s start out with an escalator. I wasn’t really sure how much I could do, since I had taken the past few weeks off to rest and nurse some injuries, but let’s get after it. 

Level 1 – 10 x Burpees

Backpedal up the ramp

Level 2 – 10 x Burpees

– 20 x Merkins

Backpedal halfway up the ramp, turn and sprint the rest of the way (dont run into the FIA ladies!)

Level 3 – 10 x Burpees

– 20 x Merkins

– 30 BBSU

Backpedal halfway up the ramp, turn and sprint the rest of the way

Level 4 – 40 BBSU

Mosey down the stairs

Conveyor Belt: One pax will call out an exercise for the other pax to do AMRAP. Pax that calls the exercise will run up to the next level and down the stairs. Rinse and repeat.

Karma – Merkins

Spinal Tap – Flutter Kicks

Texas Ranger – SSH

Karma – LBC

Spinal Tap – Lunges

Texas Ranger – Squats

Karma – Carolina Dry Docks

Spinal Tap – American Hammers

Texas Ranger – Walkout Merkins

5 MOM (decided to do this in the nice dry confines of the garage)

 Mosey to the flag


Count-O-Rama – 3

Announcements – Freed to Bleed in March
Prayer requests – Prayers for the new year, for men that are on IR or need that extra push.


Small group and not a ton of mumble chatter, but great work nonetheless. These men killed it and pushed me today as I definitely needed it! We had some great discussion at the end about continuing to reach out to your fellow PAX. They may seem or say they are fine, but reach out to them regardless and hold each other accountable. EHing doesnt have to be just for FNGs, continue to push each other to accelerate!

Always an honor to lead!

– TR

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