Glad I didn’t Fartsack

Glad I didn’t Fartsack

Workout Date:





Kitten, Skidmark, Rubber, War Eagle, Skimmer Respect!), Zac (FNG), Crank bait, Beefsteak, Brown Bag (Respect!), and Herb Tarlek (visiting from out of town)

The Thang:

I pulled into the parking lot at the Village at 5:07 and took my time getting out and walking to where Brown Bag and Skidmark were waiting. A few minutes passed, and the crowd got a little bigger. Around 5:14, Skidmark told me he hoped I had a good workout planned, because he had come to the Village for a Kitten workout. “Holy crap!” I said to myself. “I’m the Q?” I had signed up weeks ago and completely forgotten. I was glad I hadn’t rolled over after the alarm went off and fartsacked. The following workout came out of this feline’s head right there on the spot:


33 ssh ic (in honor of Kitten’s 33rd birthday yesterday)

20 ttt ic

20 iw ic

20 arm circles (forward and reverse) ic

20 ohp ic

22 merkins oyo in memory of the veterans who take their own lives each day

Indian run

The Thang:

At the end of the Indian run, we picked up coupons from the pile and circled up in the grass. Together we did Block Webbs, from 1 merkin/4 ohp up to 7 merkins/28 ohp.

20 curls oyo

20 tempo squats with block ic

20 American hammers with block ic

After returning the coupons to the pile, we partnered up and did Dora: 100 2-count flutter kicks, 200 big boys, 300 squats.

To celebrate my 33rd birthday one last time, we did 33 sweat angels in cadence.

To close out the workout, we did two sets of wind sprints across the parking lot.

Our FNG, Zac, shared that he is Rubber’s friend. I could tell you a lot more about him if I had remembered to hit record on my phone. I can tell you he was a great partner during the Dora work, and he’s excited about staying plugged in with F3. He earned the nickname “Cake Boss.”

We closed it out by praying for another friend of Rubber’s, for Red Coat and his family, and for War Eagle’s family as they await the birth of their baby next week.

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